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NSMBL and Workjuice discuss the finances of an escort service

On November 26, online platforms NSMBL and Workjuice published their recurring item "MoneyTalk". This item discusses a person's financial situation. This time, owner Marike of our high class escort service was invited. She tells more about her income and expenses. You can find the original publications at NSMBL en Workjuice. Read an English translation of the article here and check out the full article as well.

Money Talks: an insight into the income and expenses of Marike, who runs a high class escort service

There is very little that we are as secretive about as money. And why actually? Time to change that with the new Money Talks section. In it we ask people how much actually comes in and out. This time: Marike van der Velden (36), who has been running the high class escort service Society Service for 15 years.

Marike does business in an industry which is subject to a lot of fluctuation but where no insurance company wants to bear the risks. Saving is therefore extremely important to her. What is it like to work in the sex industry and does it really earn as much as people often think?

How much do you save every month?

“I save 2,000 euros every month and set aside 1,000 euros for future travel. I am very responsible with money and save a lot. Ten years ago I spent a lot more money on clothing and accessories, I am much less interested in that now.”

Why do you think it is so important to save?

“I do business in an industry where there is a lot of fluctuation. In addition to violent fluctuation within the industry; the number of bookings can vary enormously per day, week and month. In addition, whether you are allowed to do your job at all also depends on the political climate.

I do not expect running an escort service to be banned in the short term, but this option does exist in the long term. You can lose the necessary permit over a single mistake, which results in a situation where cannot and may not continue your business. No insurance company wants to bear these risks, so I do this myself by saving a lot. I invest my savings in real estate and shares, for this I follow the advice of my accountant and tax specialist so that I can spread the risks a bit.”

Why did you start a high class escort service and what did you do before this?

“While studying Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I met a fellow student who had the idea of setting up a high class escort service. However, as a sociology student, she lacked the knowledge of how to start and run a business, so we decided to set up Society Service together. I finished my studies and then continued with Society Service on my own. So I have never had a full-time job elsewhere and can no longer imagine that I would be in the office every day from 9 to 5!”

Do you notice that there is a taboo on the work you do and have you always been open to the people around you?

“There is a huge taboo on working in the sex industry. Whether this is about managing a high class escort service like I do, working as an escort or gigolo yourself or working in this industry in another way. People quickly have a (negative) judgment about it and that can sometimes be very annoying.

I try to ignore this. In the end, all that matters is what the people I love think about me, the rest doesn't really matter to me. Everyone around me knows that I run an escort service. I don't use it to provoke others, but I don't hide it either.

However, in the beginning this was a bit different I also realized that it would seriously reduce my chances in the labor market. That is why I kept it hidden for the first years, so that I could still work elsewhere if the company failed. It has now become clear that I do not only enjoy doing business in this industry; I'm pretty good at it too. So another job will no longer be necessary.”

Did "more money" play a role in your choice to start a business?

"No. I am a university graduate and have always been convinced that I could earn an above-average income in various ways. In addition, contrary to what many people think, running an escort service does not make you rich overnight. In the first years I hardly made an average annual salary.

Fortunately, this has increased after that, so that I can now have a comfortable lifestyle, but I am not “rich” and I will not become rich either from doing business in this sector. That is also not my ambition, I think my current lifestyle is very pleasant with a nice balance between work and private life. If I can keep this up then I am very satisfied!”

You used to think clothes and accessories were important, but now you prefer to spend money on beautiful trips. When did this change and why?

“It may sound a bit silly but I think this has changed with age. I am now almost 37 and in recent years I have come to attach less and less value to things, possessions, appearance and the glitz and glamour. That is all very evanescent.

A bigger house or a luxury car is not going to make me happy. But making beautiful trips with my family and partner will. The choices I make now, both business and private, are not always based on what is most financially attractive, but on choices that contribute to my happiness in life. For example, a couple of years ago I decided to shorten the opening hours; we now close at 22:00 instead of 24:00. It costs me some turnover, but it also gives me more undisturbed time with loved ones.”