NPO "3 Onderzoekt"

NPO 3 Onderzoekt about students working as an escort

During the month September the popular television program “3 Onderzoekt” of television channel NPO (formerly known as EO) is showing two items on students working as an escort.

Presenter Anne-Mar is looking into students working as an escort. Two sides are shown. The side of (lower education) students working as an escort as well as higher educated escorts working in the high class escort industry. Owner Marike of high class escortservice Society Service was interviewed by presenter Anne-Mar. Please note that the participation of Society Service is limited to the interview with owner Society Service. The other escorts and "cliënt" involved are not associated with high class escortservice Society Service. In fact, in the second episode it turns out that the "client" is an actor, hired to provoke presenter Anne-Mar.

Watch episode 1 (in Dutch).

Watch episode 2 (in Dutch).