Noord Hollands Dagblad

Noord Hollands Dagblad about the book Escort Bijbel

On November 20th, local Dutch newspaper "Noord Hollands Dagblad" published an article about the Escort Bijbel. Marike, owner and founder of Society Service was interviewed for the article, which is decided into two parts. The first part is about the Escort Bijbel. The second part is about how a television show on a public Dutch channel which featured Society Service cause an enormous increase in the amount of applications at Society Service. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


It's been busy days for Marike. In addition to running her own high class escortservice Society Service, she was included in the list of the 400 most inspiring women of The Netherlands, presented by magazine Viva. And yesterday she presented the first copy of her first book the "Escort Bijbel" in the Amsterdam club Jimmy Woo to former Yab Yum owner Theo Heuft. In this book, which she worte with journalist Romke Spierdijk, she talks about everything you've always wanted to know about the premier league of prostitution.

Marike was only 21, and still busy with her studies Business Administration, when she founded the high class escortservice. Writing a book had been on her wish list for a long time but "I wanted to find a way to respect everybody's privacy, which is important for both the clients and the escorts." She discovered that as soon as her work came up, people would talk about nothing else for the rest of the evening. "It's a world that apparently appeals to the imagination." All those questions are now answered in her book, where all aspects of the escort industry are discussed. The clients, the girls, their motivations and experiences and even a guide how to start your own escortservice. The escorts who work for her agency are the elite of prostitution. No back rooms or cheap clothing but only dinners in star restaurants, stays at luxury hotels, expensive clothing and champagne. "But of course it almost always leads to sex. Girls who work for me do not depend on this job, they make the conscious choice to work for me because they think it's exciting and the interesting earnings, which lead up to 50.000 euro's a year with 2 bookings per week on average." At Society Service rates start at euro 700 for 2 hours. 

The book shows a different side to prostitution. "The media often only covers forced prostitution, but these young ladies really choose this job by themselves. In general they work for Society Service for a year and a half. Of course not all experiences are amazing but that's the same for any other job. One in ten appointments is super, eight are nice and one is not nice. The selection is strict, only one in a hundred applicants will join Society Service."

Not only the packaging needs to be nice, but also the content. "Girls who work with me need to be able to carry an intelligent conversation. Clients are generally men with higher functions, who want to be stimulated intellectually as well." Marike sees her job as pure business. "Selling cookies or escorts makes no difference."


A broadcast of the program of the evangelical broadcasting about student prostitution turned out to be great promotion for the (high class) escort industry. The show eared in september in program "3 Onderzoekt" and caused a tenfold in the amount of applications at high class escortservice Society Service. The program showed two sides of student prostitution. Marike, owner of the high class escortservice Society Service, talked about her company which is considered to be the premier league of escort services. "Media attention always leads to more applications, but I've not seen it this extreme before." Normally Marike receives one hundred applications per month, last month it was a thousand. This lead to only a few extra girls at Society Service. "My demands are high. Both beauty and brains. I only work with girls who do this work out of free will, who are all highly educated and are not depending on this work."