Nieuwe Revu 2014

Launchparty of the Escort Bijbel in Nieuwe Revu

Editor in chief of Nieuwe Revu, Erik Noomen visited the launch party of the Escort Bijbel and wrote about it in the foreword of Dutch magazine Nieuwe Revu. The title of the foreword is "Come to my party", where Erik talks about the three book launch parties he visited that week and how much fun they where. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


With a jaunty pace I walked last wednesday to Amsterdam hotspot Jimmy Whoo, where I witnessed the presentation of the Escort Bijbel, an essential booklet about the ins and outs of an escortservice. Authors Marike and Romke where present, as well as some legendary bon-vivants such as Theo Heuft of Yab Yum and Willibrord Frequin of Panorama. There was a cameracrew of Powned, who promised not to ask every lady if they where a prostitute. And there was an open bar.