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NAP Nieuws on working as a high class escort

On January 28th, NAP News published an online article on high class escort Emma, who works with luxury escort agency Society Service in Amsterdam. The original article can be found here but you can also read a translation of the article below.

“You need to really like sex to do this”

Every week the economy editorial office of NAP news takes a look at special, interesting and not everyday jobs in Amsterdam. This week we spoke to Emma* (23) who is working as an escort. 

Emma is a student and has been working as an escort for a year now in and around Amsterdam for the company Society Service. The exact salary is not provided, but it was shared that an escort can make more during one booking than the average student does in a month. The owner of the company, Marike van der Velden, is often found in media, such as RTL Late Night. Emma preferred to remain anonymous due to the many prejudices around her profession and because nobody else knows she's working as an escort.

Why did you choose this kind of work?
“I thought it would be exciting and something I could do. I started to look for more information, which only stimulated my curiosity  Eventually I purchased the book written by Marike (Escort Bijbel) and then decided to apply with her agency. That's pretty much what happened.”

Do you do this mostly for the money?
“No, I actually enjoy the work as well. Of course, the money is nice, but I really believe you can not do this if you're just doing it for the money.”

What was your first experience like?
“That was super exciting. I learned during the afternoon that my first booking would be later that night. For me that was great, as it didn't give me a lot of time to get super nervous. It was in a hotel. The most exciting moment was when I knocked on the door of the room. The client was a repeat client at the escortservice and had a good reputation. First you have some drinks and talk to each other. That easily made me feel comfortable because I was enjoying myself.”

What do your friends and family think of this?
“I don't tell others what kind of work I do. Mostly to protect my privacy and to avoid trouble in the future. Despite the fact that I am very confident and happy about my choice, this remains something people judge.”

If you would be in a relationship, would you stop working as an escort?
“At the moment I am not looking for a partner, but if I would have a partner I would most likely not be able to combine that with this work.”

Do you have to be confident to work as an escort?
“Yes, I think so. It also helped that I've always been very open about sex and genuinely enjoy it. It might sound funny when you put it like this, but my only experiences with sex are positive experiences.”

Would you recommend this work to other women?
“From my experience yes, but that's because I enjoy it. I am convinced it is not for everybody. You really need to like sex to do this kind of work.”

*Emma is not her real name.