MTV MoneyMakers

MTV Moneymakers about working as an high class escort

On November 5th, television program "Money Makers" of channel MTV shows an item on working as an high class escort at Society Service. In this program, presenter Tess Milne follows company owner Marike for a day. She learns more about working as an high class escort.

Tess interviews owner Marike about running an escort service. Today, she will follow a short training on becoming an high class escort. This starts with styling. Tess is re-dressed and made up to make her look more like an high class escort. Tess also gets suitable lingerie, which she is photographed in. The escorts of Society Service all have a portfolio on the website, so Tess is photographed. The sexy photos are displayed during the program.

An important part of the training to become an high class escort is erotic massage. Tess learns how to pleasure a man from head to toe, including penis massage. For more information, Tess interviews an escort of Society Service, who is made unrecognizable. Tess asks her for her motivation,what it's like to work as an high class escort and the reactions of her environment. After the interview is Tess surprised how "normal" the escort is that she had just spoken to.

Now Tess has mastered the basics, it's time for her Challenge, a booking with a client. With some final tips Tess goes out to dinner with a client. Although not everything is perfect, Tess succeeded the Challenge. It was not important to do everything perfectly, but have a nice time together. Afterwards Tess is also told that it was not a real client, merely an actor. After a long day, Tess is an experience richer and concludes that her initial opinion on working as an escort was not right!