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On November 21st, published an interview with owner Marike about her high class escort service Society Service. is an online business platform, aimed at people in a Management Team, and other professionals. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

Impress others with the stunning girlfriend you don't really have

Perhaps she has been in the business for so long that she doesn't notice any disapproval, but according to Marike van der Velden it seems that the taboo on paid sex is slowly disappearing. She is the founder of one of the country's most prominent escort agencies, where you can find ladies and gentlemen of the highest level for companionship and more.

Higher management, entrepreneurs, the legal profession: her clients come from all kinds of branches, but they have two things in common, they are looking for company and are able to pay very well for it. The starting rate is 700 euros for two hours. "We also have clients who are very ordinary people who save for a long time," continues Marike van der Velden. She has been running high class escort agency Society Service in Amsterdam for almost fourteen years. The idea for this was created during her Business Administration studies. By the way, an escort agency is a company like everyone else, she says. "I'm just not talking about selling cookies, but whether or not a lady is into anal sex."

An escort because you have no time for a relationship

An escort because you can't get a real girlfriend? Many of the customers are successful and also good looking men. "They are so busy with their careers that they hardly have time to make contact with women. The following certainly applies to our single customers: entering into a relationship and maintaining it takes a lot of time. That is not something that fits into their lives at that moment. "But there are of course also the people who are just in a relationship and looking for a break. "Then an escort is a very practical choice, because it is so discreet. A lot less threatening for your relationship too: you don't suddenly receive a message the next day with how great the night before was", the businesswoman laughs.

Also popular: entertainment during a business trip. "If you are in meetings all day with your colleagues, have a drink together and have dinner with each other as well in the evening, you feel like something else afterwards. If you are somewhere where you don't know your way around, booking an escort is of course a nice solution." You don't have to keep it separate, work and escorts even go well together: "Some people book an escort for a party or corporate event. You notice that especially at this time of the year, when there are plenty of business parties. For example, if someone has been bragging to colleagues all year about that fantastically beautiful girlfriend they actually don't have. That really happens. Or if someone simply doesn't want to go to the Christmas drink alone, but doesn't know anybody who can come along."

High class escort as your therapist

The escorts are usually not only a feast for the eyes, thanks to the studies they are doing in the meantime (the escort work is in all cases just a lucrative side job) because they can also have a proper conversation at the right level. Anyway, escort work is about more than just sex, says Van der Velden. "People really do not pay a thousand euros to only be allowed to have sex with someone. They can also do that in the Red Light District and that costs a lot less. Of course it's about sex and eroticism, but everything around it is just as important. It's all about giving someone a good time, and often there is a lot more to it. As an escort, you are just as much a good listener." Striking: with the increase in the number of people who fall out due to burnout, the escort agency receives all the more new customers who decide that it is finally time to choose for themselves. "As if they have been awakened and realize that it is about being happy."

Incidentally, it is all too easy to assume that we are only talking about female escorts. Since the summer of 2018, Society Service also offers the possibility to book men. In fact, the type of customers is the same as that of the female escorts, but vice versa, says Van der Velden. "So: many busy business women who want to have a nice evening and couples who are looking for a man for a naughty threesome."

Glitter and glamour of a high class escortservice

What does the life of a high class escort actually look like? If they are not busy with their studies, that is. "You actually see two stereotypical types portrayed in the media: on the one hand, those of the forced sex workers who have to give their money to a bad boyfriend, which actually happens within this branch. On the other hand, there is the image of the ultra-luxurious life full of glitter and glamor of a high class escort. The reality lies somewhere in the middle. It can happen that someone ends up in a private jet, but that is really an exception. Although elaborate dining in the best restaurants is something that is very common. In any case, it is about people who do this work very deliberately and enjoy it." Incidentally, she published the Escort Bible a few years ago, in which she extensively describes how things work.

The escorts themselves earn around 50,000 euros a year on two evenings during the week. On the other hand, they do not spend that on a luxury life, but use it to get through their study time debt-free or to save for their first house. There are also many escorts who travel, says Van der Velden: they work for half a year and then they go on a new trip.

Since they are higher educated, has it ever happened that someone has made a career through a customer? "You mean when the escort studies law and the client is a lawyer and can use a legal assistant? I have no problems with that. Although that is rare, people are afraid that there will be questions. Also remember: this is not an ideal basis for entering into a relationship, whether it is romantic or business. The escorts only show a version of themselves. No matter how much they expose themselves, they do so to give the client the best time of his life. At the end of the day, they don't even give their real name."