Mokum Magazine 2016/2

Mokum Magazine Amsterdam column High Class Escort

Mokum Magazine is the largest and free entertainment magazine of Amsterdam. With a circulation of 20.000 it's available on more than 1000 locations throughout all districts of Amsterdam and all cinema's. From April 2016, owner Marike is writing a monthly column in Mokum Magazine. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

May 2016: Too expensive?!

Marike van der Velden is owner of Society Service, the largest high class escortbureau of The Netherlands and author of book Escort Bijbel. Together with high class escort Laura she offers a revealing glimpse into the premier league of seduction.

Every day we receive over 500 emails and phone calls at Society Service. A quarter of them is regarding existing bookings. Others are questions come from interested people who have not booked with us. They often call us because they are attracted to the stunning ladies on our website. It's important to quickly, yet politely, communicate the rate - from euro 700 for 2 hours -. Experience has shown that this is the most important reason why a contact doesn't result in a booking. Responses vary a lot. Some don't think it's a problem, they had already seen our rates on the website. Others kindly thank us for the information but it's beyond what they had in mind. Others are surprised by the rate. Half of them ask for an explanation, the other half gets rude.

We gladly share with you why it's so 'expensive'. Let's take the starting rate of euro 700 for a 2 hour booking. This is usually within 85 kilometers of where the escort is based. Let's assume the high class escort is based in Amsterdam and the booking is at Schiphol Airport. In general, travel expenses will be half of what a taxi will charge, so around euro 50. This leaves euro 650. Since we pay VAT over the total amount, after deducting this, euro 530 is left. This must be divided between the escort and the agency. There are fixed rates between escort and agency and in general they are around 1/3 for the agency and 2/3 for the escort. Which is around euro 350. not bad, right? Wrong! She again has to pay income taxes over it, leaving her with an amount between euro 235 and 310 depending on her tax situation. That sounds like a lot of money for 2 hours. But keep in mind she's not just spending two hours. She needs to travel to and from the booking, get ready for her booking. Don't get me wrong, over euro 50 an hour after taxes is not a bad pay for an evening of fun. But some nights are not so much fun and then the salary is not so great...

High class escort Laura: "1 in every 10 bookings is so fun that it makes me think: I love my job..."