Mokum Magazine 2017/2

Mokum Magazine Amsterdam column High Class Escort

Mokum Magazine is the largest and free entertainment magazine of Amsterdam. With a circulation of 20.000 it's available on more than 1000 locations throughout all districts of Amsterdam and all cinema's. From 2016, owner Marike has been writing a (three) monthly column in Mokum Magazine: Escort Stories. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

June 2017: The best high class escort

Marike van der Velden is owner of Society Service, the largest high class escortbureau of The Netherlands and author of book Escort Bijbel. Exclusively for Mokum Magazine she offers a revealing glimpse into the premier league of seduction.

I am often asked: 'who is the very best escort you have available?'. A simple question, you would think, but nothing is less true. What is utterly fantastic to one client, might be just a fine experience to an other. The difference between 'fine' and 'fantastic' can be found in the matchmaking process. This requires me to know a little bit more about both the client and the escort. The more he shares about himself, his likes and dislikes, the type of woman he finds attractive and what type of booking he has in mind, the easier it is for me to make a good match. 

When someone I don't know a single thing about asks me who is the best for him, I can't directly answer this question. People are often under the impression I have a few top girls in my portfolio, who all clients agree are the nicest and most beautiful. However, in my opinion, all escorts at Society Service are top girls, but all in their very own unique way.

There are certain signs one lady manages to have just a little bit more fun during bookings than an other. This has nothing to do with how beautiful she is, or how naughty she is in the bedroom. There is no accounting for taste after all. The determining factors in this situation are eventually as simple as with any other job. Because when the escort enters the booking with the assumption and effort to make it a spectacular experience, the chance of succes is high.

A good escort will, as long as her client does not make this impossible for her due to bad behavior, do her very best to give him the time of his life. She will look forward to each and every booking and makes an effort for her client. Working with her is pleasant, for which she also makes an effort. Those are indispensable qualities of the ladies that receive the best feedback have the most repeat clients. During the recruitment process, I try to select this type of lady, but it's always a surprise how things turn out. I am often able to select the right ladies, but there have also been escorts who have surprised me, both in a positive as well as a negative sense. The feedback of clients is of great importance. When a client is not happy, we try to see where the points of improvement can be found, and if these improvements can be realized. When receiving very positive feedback, it is always shared with the escorts. After all, just like I enjoy reading them, the escorts do as well.