Mokum Magazine 2017

Mokum Magazine Amsterdam column High Class Escort

Mokum Magazine is the largest and free entertainment magazine of Amsterdam. With a circulation of 20.000 it's available on more than 1000 locations throughout all districts of Amsterdam and all cinema's. From 2016, owner Marike has been writing a (three) monthly column in Mokum Magazine: Escort Stories. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

March 2017: Do's & Don'ts?

Marike van der Velden is owner of Society Service, the largest high class escortbureau of The Netherlands and author of book Escort Bijbel. Exclusively for Mokum Magazine she offers a revealing glimpse into the premier league of seduction.

A booking with a high class escort is very similar to any other first date. People often don't expect this. The common assumption is that since the escort is being paid for her time, the client can sit back and relax while being entertained by the escort. And this entertainment would be mostly entertainment in the bedroom. Now, there are certainly clients entering a booking with such expectations, but to make the booking truly orgasmic - in many ways - there are certainly some do's and don'ts. 

Of course, at the end of the day, the escort is at work and 'just not screwing things up' is enough to have an nice time. But 'nice' is not enough for clients of a high class escortservice. They want an unforgettable experience. To offer the escort the opportunity to offer this experience, there are some things the client should and shouldn't do. 

Yes, gifts (small and big) help. But the most simple things can have great effects. When the escort arrives to a tidy but romantic location, and meets a client who is well groomed to the nines, the first points have already been scored. Take her coat, pay her a compliment, offer a drink, take an interest in her, and you'll have a fantastic evening. Seduce her and allow her to seduce you, this way you can build up to a spectacular rendezvous. But by all means: do not embarras yourself and her with a cross examination on 'why such a lovely girl as herself is doing such a thing' and 'if her parents know she's doing this', because then be ready for some return questions about your wife and children. Sweaty armpits, bad breath and dirty fingernails? The escort will make sure they don't get near her. And having difficulties treating her with respect? She'll leave.

Even when you are no investment banker, it's very clear a small investment can provide high dividends!