Mokum Magazine 2016/9

Mokum Magazine Amsterdam column High Class Escort

Mokum Magazine is the largest and free entertainment magazine of Amsterdam. With a circulation of 20.000 it's available on more than 1000 locations throughout all districts of Amsterdam and all cinema's. From April 2016, owner Marike is writing a monthly column in Mokum Magazine. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

December 2016: What to do?

Marike van der Velden is owner of Society Service, the largest high class escortbureau of The Netherlands and author of book Escort Bijbel. Together with high class escort Laura she offers a revealing glimpse into the premier league of seduction.

Many people think, an escort is booked for sex only, but that's usually on the case when visiting the red light district. Even at a regular escortservice, where one hour bookings are possible, it's often about more than just sex. At such an escortservice, many gentlemen are certainly looking for some erotic fun, but also want to have a decent conversation  a cuddle, or just lie in the same bed with a woman. With a high class escortservice that's even more common. Because naturally it isn't all that bad to be in the presence of a beautiful and intelligent woman.

But what to do with a high class escort outside the bedroom? For starters it's all about wining and dining. A great escort knows exactly how to make a client feel special, that he still 'has it' and is the most interesting man in the world. Wether he wants to talk about his work as a CEO of a big company or his hobby making model airplanes, the escort will always show interest. She will ask him questions, let him share more about his passion and make her part of it. This creates an instant bond between the escort and client. Don't forget, many clients are foreign businessmen and visiting a michelin star restaurant isn't that much fun alone, or with the colleague you've been spending most of the day with. And that roomservice burger is all the same everywhere. Those foreign clients enjoy sightseeing with the ladies. 

In addition to that, many clients invite the ladies on cultural events. An other successful event is going shopping. Obviously, going shopping for lingerie for the escort is much fun, but how about single clients, who enjoy bringing a lady for a new wardrobe for themselves as wel? And then there are the clients who enjoy traveling with the ladies. Because also then the following applies; alone is just alone. A more exciting trip is one the the spa. In many countries, a spa visit is not mixed, or solely in in bikini. In The Netherlands, we do this differently. Here, we're all mixed in the nude in the spa. This makes it a very special experience. A client can look at the nude body of his escort all day long, without touching it too much, which makes all that more fun. And then end up in bed together, an intense love making session!