Mokum Magazine 2016/6

Mokum Magazine Amsterdam column High Class Escort

Mokum Magazine is the largest and free entertainment magazine of Amsterdam. With a circulation of 20.000 it's available on more than 1000 locations throughout all districts of Amsterdam and all cinema's. From April 2016, owner Marike is writing a monthly column in Mokum Magazine. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

September 2016: Booking an escort

Marike van der Velden is owner of Society Service, the largest high class escortbureau of The Netherlands and author of book Escort Bijbel. Together with high class escort Laura she offers a revealing glimpse into the premier league of seduction.

I can imagine you're curious on how it works to book an escort. The general conception is you make a call, provide your wishes and the escort is send to you. In reality it's slightly more elaborate. On a scale of one to ten, where the previous scenario is one and ten is a procedure similar to a mortgage application, Society Service is scoring around a seven.

As a client you call or email the escortservice. Preferably after you've read everything on the website, seen the rates and carefully selected which ladies appeal to you the most. Before asking the client a lot of questions about who he is, it's important to check if the best matching lady is available. With some basic info (who, what, where, how) I inform with her and then contact the client again. To set up a booking I do not need a statement of good behavior. Neither does the client need to come by our office to be approved. But I do want his full real name, some more information about what he does in day to day life, age and nationality and information of importance to the booking. I discuss the terms and conditions with the client, inform the escort of the booking details and that's how a booking is made. Eventually, there must be mutual trust when making a booking. The client needs to trust I am discrete and treat his information confidentially. I then need to trust he treats the lady with respect. Luckily, in all those years - eleven by now - there has never been a serious incident. But like we all know, there's a first time for everything. To me the lovely task to postpone this first time as much as possible...