MijnZ.nl about students working as an escort

On April 26th 2013, news website www.MijnZ.nl, specialized in students, published an article on students working as an escort. High class escortservice Society Service was included in the article. News website www.MijnZ.nl published an article on students working escort. Owner Marike was asked a few questions. Read the article here in Dutch.The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary about the parts about Society Service in English.

Working to pay for your studies. Retail or bar tending are very common, but German research recently showed more and more students enter escorting to pay for their intuition. MijnZ entered the unknown world of student escorts. 

Many escorts have this job for the easy money. Ladies usually confirm it's a concious choice to enter this world. Esmee, who works for high class escortservice Society Service, confirms this. She's in her last year of her bachelor sociology. She tells us she doesn't need the money to pay for her studies. She was looking for a job which she liked and would be good at: "I started researching and decided to apply. I waited for a month before my first booking, which went very well and soon after decided to quit my student job. Nowadays, I do about three to four bookings a week. Everybody works because they are being paid for it, and that's no different for me. Accept... if I were just doing it for the money, I'ld probably be a drugdealer or so, which I guess pays much more."

Dating the client

At Esmees escortservice, it's not all about the sex. Dinner Dates and the Girlfriend Experience are possible. Esmees first booking was such a dinner date. "It was a normal looking man, in his mid fouties with a big smile and a nice suit. He had an envelop with him with the agreed amount. He's a regular client and was making an effort to put me at ease. I must say, the first few glasses of champagne went down easily, I was a bit scared everybody could see "it". After dinner we went to his hotel room. I was rather nervous, but on the other side I felt in control. This guy thought I was Gods gift to men, I was in control of what was about to happen. After taking a bath together and me massaging him, we had sex."

What you give is what you get

There will be less nice clients. Even Esmee experienced this: "There will be clients who do not respect your boundaries and see you as an object to be used. They don't care what you like or don't like. I've been with a client and his friends entered. I was totally ignored. When his friends left, he opened his pants and whipped his penis in front of me. I completely ignored him and started talking about myself and my studies, after which he closed his pants. When I asked him anything, I would answer and would ask if "we could get started". I ignored this. Later on I invited him for a bath and we had sex. Honestly, I didn't really give my best to offer him an unforgettable experience. What you give is what you get, so to speak."