Metro 2022

Metro News about the earnings at a high-end escort service

On February 14th 2022, news medium Metro published an article in the series "The savings account of..." about owner Marike. In it she talks about her work as the owner of an escort service, what she earns from this and how she handles money. The article can be found on the Metro and NSMBL website. You can also view the article below and read a translation of it. 

The savings account of Marike (38): 'I started a high-end escort service when I was 21'

How much money is in your savings account? We ask a different Dutch person that every week. Because although we talk more and more about money, we never talk about exactly how much we earn and save. This week: Marike (38), who saves 3,000 euros per month.

Occupation: Owner at high end escort service Society Service
Net salary: 6000 euros
Living situation: owner-occupied home (LAT relationship with partner)

Marike's savings account

Tell me, how much is in your savings account?

“I recently bought a nice holiday home in the Vecht region. My private savings account has therefore shrunk considerably, because I bought it without a mortgage. Fortunately, there is still more than enough savings left. That is also necessary, because I plan to make some improvements to the holiday home.”

Are you happy with that?

"Certainly. Although I enjoy my work a lot, I also work hard. To be in a comfortable financial position is very nice and gives a lot of satisfaction. Still, I would have liked to spend a little more of it. I normally save mainly for nice trips and I have not been able to make these in recent years. My last big trip was in 2019, but fortunately there are a few things planned for 2022. And let's hope that these can go ahead now. Then I will happily let my savings balance shrink a bit.”

How much do you save per month?

“I save about 3,000 euros every month. As an entrepreneur in this industry, taking out a mortgage is usually very difficult. The advantage of this is that I now do not have high housing costs. In addition, I attach little value to designer clothing and accessories. I used to think that was important, but not anymore. At some point you're really done shopping. So compared to the salary I receive, I have a relatively modest lifestyle.”

6,000 euros is a nice salary. Can you tell us a little more about your company?

“I founded a high-end escort service Society Service when I was 21. I still manage this on a daily basis, with great pleasure. As an entrepreneur, I can, to a certain extent, decide for myself what kind of salary I pay myself. In addition to my salary, I earn income from the real estate that I rent. In total it amounts to more than 6,000 euros net per month.”

Have you been earning this amount since the start of your business?

"No definitely not. For the first few years I still worked with my then business partner. In the first year we broke even. The few years that followed we had a modest profit, but we did not even earn an average annual salary. That wasn't a bad thing at that age. Only after the buyout of my business partner and after I had started working hard for a number of years did the profit start to look a little brighter and continued to rise every year.”

Do you ever withdraw money from your savings account?

“Yes, for the purchase and renovation of real estate and for nice trips. I will not be using my savings account for other purposes anytime soon.”

Do you think you can handle money well?

“In general, yes. My partner sometimes has to laugh at how frugal I can be with some little things. I spend money relatively easily on other things that offer me a lot of pleasure and wonderful experiences. I can easily spend 100 euros on a Dry Aged Cote de Boeuf, but I really only buy my favorite almond butter when it is on sale. And I have been receiving a bouquet of flowers from my partner every week since the beginning of our relationship, but I insist that he use the 3.50 euro discount voucher that you receive as standard the following week. Those kind of things. I was taught frugality from an early age, my mother finds it very recognizable.”

What would you like to change about your financial situation?

“Little actually. I am very satisfied with my current situation. I don't really need to earn more money and I can buy and do everything my heart desires. I don't need a huge villa or an expensive car. If that were to change, I would probably be less satisfied and that seems extremely frustrating to me.”

What is your best savings tip?

“Create pots per savings goal and put something in them every month, even if it is only five euros. There will eventually come a time when you achieve your goal.”