Metro Appendix about a student working as an high class escort

On April 16th, newspaper Metro published an appendix on students and their jobs. A few students were mentioned with special jobs, among which high class escort Vera. The original article is in Dutch but here you can find a translation in English.


As a student you don't need to work at the local pub to make some money. You can also have a very different job, like high class escort Vera

Name: Vera Jansen (22)

Studies: Medicine at the Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam

Job: high class escort

Makes on average: 4000 euro per month

"I've been working as an high class escort at Society Service since about a year. I read about it in a magazine and it sounded exciting. On average I do two bookings per week. The variation makes it fun. Sometimes I have a mostly erotic rendez-vous with a passionate Italian gentlemen, other times it's a long dinner and romance all the way. Some bookings are in Amsterdam, others at an exotic island. The ritual already starts at home. After a nice bath I transform into an elegant high class escort. I make sure every centimeter of my body is well groomed and I wear luxurious lingerie underneath my conservative dress. My best friends know about this job. I get to do and meet such amazing special people that I would like to share this with somebody. In addition, they make sure I stay well grounded. Eventually I am a med-student with a special job on the side and not an high class escort who also does some studying."