Metro 2015

Metro about Society Service and the Escort Bijbel

On January 12th, newspaper Metro published an article on high class escortservice Society Service and the book Escort Bijbel. Society Service is described as the largest high class escortservice of The Netherlands. Owner Marike was interviewed for the article. The original article is in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


Seks. For the girls of Marike van der Velden, limousines, expensive restaurants and restaurants are "business as usual". She is owner of the largest high class escortservice in The Netherlands.

How did you get the idea to start an escortservice? "It wasn't really my idea but that of someone I knew. However, she didn't really know how to set up a company. I was still a student Business Administration and had just finished my bachelor. Entrepreneurship sounded like fun. But since 2008 I am the sole owner of Society Service."

Society Service is described as an high class escortservice. What does that mean? "With a regular escortservice it's mostly just a sexual service. Our clients seek an experience that goes far beyond entertainment in the bedroom. The escorts of Society Service are not only beautiful and sexy, they are also educated, smart and sophisticated. They can carry a decent conversation."

You now work with around forty ladies, what type of lady are they? "I don't work with housewives, simply because escorting can not be combined with maintaining a family. The escorts are mostly students and freelancers, but also lawyers and doctors. They are always intelligent and have an above average interest in eroticism. That's required to do this kind of work."

You receive about 100 applications per month, how do you select the right lady? "I first look at statistics. Not too old, young or curvy for example. And applications with lots of misspellings are also rejected. No matter how beautiful she is. And then of course I need to have a good feeling about the girl."


In the book "Escort Bijbel" authors Marike van der Velden and Romke Spierdijk allow you to take a peek into the word of working as an high class escort at Society Service. The ladies talk bout their motivations, the high earnings and their adventures with their clients.