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Marie Claire Magazine about women using escort services

In november 2014 the Australian Marie Claire published an article on women using escort services. A female client of Society Service has been interviewed. In this article, a female client and her husband (a couple) invited a bisexual high class escort for a threesome. The interview is part of a series on women paying for sex. Read and view the article here:

A female escort spiced up our marriage

Claire, 38, is married with two children and works in finance.

I have always found women attractive. Watching porn with my husband, Tim, I find the girls just as sexy as the men. But taking this attraction to the next level is something I've even surprised myself by doing.

"It was Tim who suggested it about two years ago. We got married young and although our sex life has always been good, we both wanted to experience new things. We didn't want a traditional tree some, instead, Tim would watch me having sex with a woman. Talking through the idea - and then agreeing to it - I felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

"I found a high-class escort agency online called Society Service. Dialling the number, I could barely believe what I was doing. I was a married mother of two. A professional woman. And on the brink of hiring a $3000 female escort for the night. It was crazy, but somehow also deeply sexy.

"Tim and I were given profiles of girls to look at. By the time we decided on Helena we felt like we already knew her. I bought sexy lingerie for the experience and on the night itself I spent ages getting ready. Even though we were hiring Helena, it was important to me that she found me attractive, too.

"Leaving our two children at home with a babysitter, we booked a hotel for the night and met Helena in the restaurant for dinner first. My heart was hammering as we walked in and I clutched Tim's hand. But within minutes of seeing Helena, an immaculately dressed, curvy brunette in her late 20s, I felt relaxed.

"Helena had just graduated from university and was intelligent and interesting company. By the time the conversation turned to the next part of the night, I was feeling at ease. Going to our suite, the intention was that I would just have a sexy massage. Tim lay next to us on the bed as Helena straddled me and started stroking my naked back.

"And then, slowly and naturally, it turned into something more. I found myself kissing Helena as she pleasured me. Having my first orgasm with a woman was even more incredible with Tim there, too.

"When Helena left we were both really giggly. We couldn't believe what we'd just done. At the same time, we were more turned on and excited by it than we ever could have imagined.

"Over the past couple of years, we have hired a female escort about 10 times. It's easy and definitely the safest way to fulfill our fantasy in terms of there being rules and boundaries, with nobody crosses. Tim has never been interested in having sex with the woman - for him it's a very voyeuristic experience and that suits me perfectly.

"I have confided in a few close friends and although they have been shocked, their curiosity gets the better of them. They want to know everything! I've been surprised, too, by how jealous some of them have been. It's made me realize how lucky I am to be in a relationship where Tim and I can both express our desires, and that we're brave enough to act on them."