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Linda Nieuws about Eline who books a gigolo on occasion

On July 23rd, Linda Nieuws of Linda published an article online about Eline, who on occasion books a gigolo at our high class escortservice een gigolo boekt. The publication went online a week after launching our Gigolo Service, where women and couples can book heterosexual gigolos and male escorts. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.

Eline (41) books an educated gigolo from time to time

A few years ago, Eline booked a gigolo for the very first time. She liked to soo much and has continued booking a male escort every now and then. 'I can tell them exactly what I want and am never disappointed', she says. Eline talks to LINDAnieuws about booking a gigolo.

Eline, who has a great job at the Amsterdam financial district was fed up with dating. "I kept on being disappointed by men and have high expectations, too high in fact." That's why she decided to stop dating. "But I did want sex on occasion." This was thé reason for looking into booking a gigolo.

Last year, Eline stumbled into the website of Society Service, which offers educated gigolos. Since then, she's been booking her male escorts at their Gigolo Service. "I like intelligent men and at Society Service, I can just tell them about my preferences. Beforehand we discuss several things so I know exactly what to expect." Eline enjoys taking her time and therefore always books a gigolo for the entire evening. 

Eline books a gigolo about once every two months. "I know in advance I will meet the man I have seen on the pictures." When the booking is finalized, she books a hotel. "That's where I meet with the gigolo, we have some champagne and head to a nice restaurant." After dinner, she returns to the hotel for the sex. "The gigolos know exactly what to do in the bedroom, that's amazing."

Eline has no desire to be in a relationship and thinks she'll be booking gigolos for a long time. "It's something I treat myself to." The first few times where very exciting, but she now only books two gigolos she has gotten to know better. Her family doesn't know about her booking a male escort on occasion, just two friends know. Despite that, Eline feels the topic should be discussed more often. "It's something we all have an opinion about, even though women also have needs. It's a treat for myself and I can recommend it to anyone.”