Linda Meiden 2018

Linda Meiden Magazine on escort boys and gigolos

On September 1st, Magazine Linda Meiden published a report on escortboys and gigolos, and interviewed a gigolo from our escortservice. Several gigolos of multiple high class escortservices where interviewed for the report, and talk about why they choose to work as a gigolo and their experiences as a gigolo. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a translation in English:

Sexmachine: working as a gigolo

Throw a few hundred euros at them and off they go. Six young men talk about why they have sex for money.

Gigolo Romano: ‘I often do threesomes with couples’

ROMANO (29), single. Daytime consultant at a listed company, nighttime gigolo. Costs € 700 for two hours.

“I am just single again. My girlfriend knew that I am doing escort work, but accepted that. Sex with other women is business, with her I wanted to share my life. We broke up because I was ready for children. She was not. I started with escort work when I studied at the university. The amount for which my fellow students were working their ass off for a month in part-time jobs, I made in a weekend. I have no problem with sex with strange women. I was stripper and I love extreme fetish parties where you have sex with others. I think it is normal to propose to visit a couples club on a third date.

I accidentally rolled into this work. After a party I ended up in bed with a rich couple. They where going through a difficult phase and where looking for excitement. I was there to spice up their marriage. It was one of the most beautiful experiences ever for the couple. Afterwards they planted two bills of five hundred euros in my hand. That triggered me. I always thought the sex industry was exciting. While googling, I ended up with an escortservice that wanted to set up a gigolo service. Now I meet many businesswomen and couples who want a man for a threesome, even though I'm straight. Last weekend I was with a woman in a penthouse in Ibiza. Her rich husband gave her me as a present. Having sex is the easiest aspect. Keeping an erection and dealing with the unexpected is difficult.”