Libelle 2023

Libelle magazine about working as a high class escort

On April 6th 2023, magazine Libelle published a large article about working as a high class escort. For this they interviewed one of our high class escorts, who, in addition to her activities as an entrepreneur, has also been working as a high class escort at Society Service for several years. You can view the original article below and on Libelle's website. A translation into English has also been added.

Estelle works as a high-class escort

Nobody knows that Estelle (31) is regularly hired as a high-class escort in addition to her work as a marketer. “One day I want a house with a white picket fence, dog and a child.”

“At one o'clock I have to report to a hotel in the middle of the country with a weekend bag. I knock on the door of the given room number and see an attractive man of about thirty. We introduce ourselves, chat and eat some snacks. Then he surprises me by taking me to a small airport, where he's arranged a trial flying lesson in a private jet. After this spectacular experience we drive to the luxurious wellness center. There he has booked a hotel and we spend a romantic night and day there. When the weekend is over, I'm full of everything I've been through.

Unfortunately, I can hardly share my enthusiasm. Apart from two girlfriends, no one knows about my double life. My family and surroundings know no better than that I lead two successful marketing companies and regularly have to go abroad for that. I feel guilty about having to lie to them and make excuses every time I'm invited to a birthday or other party, but I can't help it. I come from a community where at my age you are already married and have a child and all you care about is buying a new kitchen. They have strong prejudices about sex workers and would not understand that I have sex with strange men for payment. In order not to become the talk of the day in my native village, I keep my worlds strictly separate.

The luxury world of escorts

I've always had a high libido. In my relationship I was the one who wanted sex more often than him and was more into positions and threesomes. I like to read exciting and erotic stories. Because my ex was not into to that, it stuck with just fantasizing. After six and a half years, our relationship broke down. I wanted to stay single for a while so I could experiment more with men. I went out a lot and loved flirting and the excitement of dating. My work as a marketing assistant slowly but surely became a drag. I had no growth opportunities and my days always looked the same. A working week was boring, with endless projects. At the weekend I went out with my girlfriends, but then it was Monday again. I decided to start for myself. That provided a bit more of a challenge, but I was still missing something.

Around that time I saw the series Secret diary of a call girl and the Dutch Diary of a call girl on TV. The luxury world of escorts fascinated me. I wanted to know all about legal escort agencies, where you act as a companion and sex is the dessert, not the main meal. When I googled, I found Society Service, a high-class escort agency. Halfway through 2018 I spontaneously sent a letter of application. I was allowed to come for an interview and was hired. The fact that I had two companies of my own was an advantage. One of the requirements was that you were still studying or had a job in addition to escort work. You shouldn't do this work just for the money, then you won't keep it up. I put my generous earnings away for later or invest in my companies. I do this job mainly because I'm interested in people and love that sexual tension.

Nervous the first time

The best thing about being an escort is the pampering. The men who book me are true gentlemen: courteous, polite and attentive. They invest a lot of money, effort and time in the date. Usually they first take me out for a fancy dinner or come up with another activity. The rooms they book are always in expensive hotels. A date lasts an average of five to eight hours, sometimes longer. Ranging from one night or weekend to four days in a hotel suite in Athens. At times like that it feels like I'm living the life out of a movie.

At first I was nervous about going on a date. I remember being so tense before my very first booking that I threw a glass of champagne over my blouse. Fortunately, the client had a good laugh about that. He was informed in advance that it was my first time and very kind to me. Over the years, that nervousness has subsided, although my heart still skips a beat every time I knock on a hotel room door or step into a restaurant. Before an appointment I make sure my hair, make-up and nails are in perfect order. I often go to the gym in the morning and put on a nice lingerie set. Because of all the preparations I automatically get into my role and in the right mood.

Sexually I am bi

I am also open to couple dates: then I will be hired by a couple who want a threesome or want to make another fantasy come true. In day to day life I don't want a relationship with a woman, but sexually I would characterize myself as bi. Often I consult with the woman of the couple first, to make sure she wants it too and it's done in a respectful way. I will not easily fall in love with a client. As an escort I am part of a fantasy. That has nothing to do with love. For that reason I want to meet with a client a maximum of three times, otherwise I might run the risk of it becoming too much like a relationship. Conversely, you can of course also meet a client who is not directly your type. Even if I don't feel a connection at first glance, I will still look for that which binds us or makes him attractive. I've never turned down anyone, but I did turn down certain extra sexual acts because I didn't feel comfortable doing them.

A partner who has no problem with it

I have little time for a relationship, because I manage two companies, travel a lot and work as an escort at least two evenings a week. I also think that this profession has made me pickier. The gallant way most clients treat me sets the bar very high for a potential life partner. I think even the most outspoken feminist likes it when her chair is pushed back and the door held open. I've really gotten used to it after all these years, but unfortunately I don't come across it often in the 'normal' world.

Someday I want a house with a white picket fence, a dog and a baby, but only with a suitable partner. For him I would also stop escorting completely, but then he also has to be okay with my past and accept it completely. There was a man with whom I had a brief relationship. At first he said he didn't think it was a problem, but in the end it didn't work out between us. Apparently he had more of an issue with it than he thought. I am not afraid that I will meet someone who could betray me. I've seen someone I know while I was out to dinner with a client, it wasn't embarrassing. Because as an escort I wear elegant, neat clothes, it could just as well be a business dinner or a friendly date. If I am ever exposed, I will stop working immediately. Part of the fun of being an escort is the secrecy. It has given my life more meaning over the past five years.”