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Kek Mama about a mature woman working as an escort

On May 29th, Kek Mama published an article on how a mature woman combines her private life with working as a high class escort. In this article, Amy is interviewed who is no longer available as an escort. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.

Mama is escort: 'Realizing I am in complete control arouses me'

Amy (45) is single, mother of two, real estate agent and loves seks. "One day a girlfriend told me: 'If I where you I'ld become an escort.'

From swinger to high class escort

“After a week of how-was-your-weekend chats at school, I sometimes like to shake things up and tell them what I really did last saturday evening. How I had dinner with a business man in a Michelin star restaurant and then gave him some oral pleasure. Or how I spent the weekend at a French hotelroom with an other couple who paid me royally for my company. But I don't. If I do, I would need to move immediately.

I left my husband four years ago. The children where six and eight. Our sexlife had always been a bit boring and we ended up living like brother and sister. After the divorce I needed to rediscover myself and what I wanted out of life. I went back to work as a real estate agent and built some new friendships. I wanted to make amends sexually as well. I subscribed to a swingers website, where single women can also reply to the erotic adds. I would meet up when the children where with their father. The dates where purely sexual, fun once or twice. Sometimes with men, sometimes with their wives present. I wasn't looking for commitment, but for affirmation and a fun evening. It boosted my ego immensely. 

I shared the dirty details of my adventures with my best friends. After listening to my stories for half a year she asked me why I wasn't charging any money for my time. 'What you are doing Amy, is no different from a professional escort, accept that she is making money.' At first I told her that wasn't my cup of tea, but it triggered something. The longer I thought about it, the more exiting the idea of being paid for sex became. And not as a streetwalker, but the higher segment: high class escort.

I googled for exclusive escort agencies and found Society Service in Rotterdam. I viewed their portfolio with pictures of stunning women: slim, tight, tall, cup C. I often receive compliments about my looks, but I am no longer in my twenties. I applied any way. No you have, yes you can get. Marike, the owner told me later she receives hundreds of applications a month, but mine stood out. I cam across as outgoing and intelligent and wrote I loved sex and the game of seduction and attraction. She happened to be looking for a more mature woman, since there is also a demand for more mature escorts. After two application meetings, I was ready to start.

The first time working as an escort

I received some styling tips: sexy, but not too sexy. No low cleavage, but a blouse, skirt, pumps, well groomed and fresh. Naturally I needed to push myself a bit the first time, but I told my self it was no different from the dates I had previously had through the swingers site. I took a deep breath and rang the door. The client had been selected specially for me. He knew it was my first time. He took my coat and poured me a drink. I sat on the couch and looked around. He paid me 700 euro's for the first two hours, the starting rate, and sat next to me. Gray hair, brown eyes, certainly not unattractive. The evening was very relaxed. After a massage we had sex and that felt very natural and effortless. 

I have been working as an escort for several years now and have never found myself in a position where I didn't like the man or the sex. I will always find something beautiful about a person. The glimpse in his eyes, a cute smile. I don't pay attention to the minuses but search for pluses. There are always some. I realize I am completely in control and that arouses me. I genuinely enjoy the sex.

No, my real name is not Amy, that's my working name. I do not share where I live, nor that I am the mother of two children. There's no need for that. To the client, I am a desirable single lady who sells houses during the day and dresses up in nice lingerie in the evening. Nobody knows about my double life at home. Just two friends and my cousin Mark know. Mark helps out during a last minute booking and I need a sitter. I think people will fall back in surprise when they know I am working as an escort. Most people want a safe and stable life and know nothing about this type of thing. That's why I do not burden my children, family, ex, neighbours or the mothers at school with my secret.

The advantages of escort

The money is nice, I will not lie about that, but this work needs to suit you. Need to love sex, be open to experiment and have a genuine interest in others. If you're just doing it for the money, it will damage you. For me the money is a nice bonus, which allows me to treat my children to extra clothing, holidays etc. It's nice to have a bit more room financially. I like making my own money and working as an escort is quit the addition to my salary. I easily make a thousand euros when spending an entire evening with a client. Having said that, I am motivated by excitement and adventure, I really enjoy working as an escort. 

Sex with a client is not something one-sided. Most men want me to enjoy myself and have and orgasm. And when it comes to that, I never need to fake it, my needs are always met. When I am booked for two or three hours, it doesn't mean I'll be having sex for three hours. Ha, that would wear me out. You have some drinks, share massage, chat. And sometimes you are in such a nice flow with the client, he decides to extend your time together. 

I have never been afraid. It makes a lot of difference that I am working for a renowned escortservice. Addresses are checked and are nice houses and luxury hotels. Clients are businessmen, married, single, couples who give me to each other as a present. I am not afraid to meet people I know. And if I do, then we have a shared interested to keep this a secret. There has been one man who I really liked. He had deep blue twinkling eyes and was super sexy. He booked me about seven times in a year and a half and it was always amazing. I basically jumped into his armes. It's a real pity I don't see him anymore. It felt very secure and that made the sex much better.

Escort and a private life

I am currently not in a relationship and have no desire to change this. My life is exciting and versatile enough as it is with my work as an escort. I enjoy and grow every day. If I where to meet "the one" I would stop working as an escort. I will not be ashamed of anything. When you meet someone, you both start with a clean slate and don't look back. With the right person you can be honest about your past. It should not be a problem when you share you just really like sex. Perhaps I'll tell my children one day, but only when they are ready and able to understand it.

At the moment, I do not foresee stopping any time soon. There is nobody at home who has a clue and I can easily combine it with my private life. The demand for more mature escorts is not that high. Sometimes I have two bookings a week, other times no bookings for a month or two. My alibi is always my job. I work in real estate and often have dinners and networking events. There is nobody who asks questions when I am out on a Thursday evening, having dinner with a client. Even when I am booked for a dinner date with overnight, there's no problem. I could easily be going out with a friend and spend the night with her. My children adore Mark and like it when he comes to babysit them. 

My clothing does not reveal anything either. The business suit I wear during the day can easily serve for an exciting intermezzo during the afternoon. I might open one more button though. I keep a bag in my car with condoms, massage oil, toys, candles and some extra lingerie. 

And also: when I am out with the children, they are free from school, or whatever, I am free to clear my availability with the escort agency. It could very well be that this work makes me a much better mother because it gives me so much energy."