Kek Mama 2022

Kek Mama about matchmakers in the love special: escortservice

On September 29th 2022 Kek Mama magazine published a love special with an item about professional matchmakers. For this, owner Marike of our high class escort service was interviewed. Together with other matchmakers, she talks about what it's like to match an escort and client and what all this entails. You can view and read a translation the article below as well as on Kek Mama's website.

Marike runs a high-end escort service: 'It should be pleasant for the client and the escort'

Marike van der Velden (38) has a relationship and two bonus children (10 and 12). She has been the owner of high-end escort service Society Service for seventeen years.

“I run a high class escort service. When I tell this, people think I'm sitting behind my desk in high heels, my hair all done, sipping champagne behind my computer. That is not true. Ha, right now I'm wearing leggings and a T-shirt because I'm going to work out soon. I work in the erotica industry, but the nature of my work is no different from other matchmakers. In my opinion, I only do my job well if not only the client, but also the escort has a pleasant time. Although the erotic aspect is important, this is not regular sex work and I think the social aspect is just as important."

The escorts who have joined me are ladies and gentlemen who do this in addition to their studies and job to enrich their lives and to gain special experiences. They often do this work temporarily. It's not an everyday job. Even if you make a lot of money with it - a thousand euros for an evening is not exceptional - you should be having fun while doing it. If you have to spend five hours with a client with whom you don't connect well with, you won't get the most out of it. That is why clients go through an extensive matchmaking procedure before I match them with one of our forty female or ten male escorts. I regularly decline clients. For example, if they show improper behavior in their email correspondence with me. Or if they think that 'high class' stands for being allowed to have sex without a condom. The only guarantee I give a client in advance is that the escort will make it the best possible evening for both parties.

A popular request is the overnight booking: dinner-hotel-breakfast in bed, but it also happens that couples book an escort as part of their threesome fantasy. My bonus children are too young to discuss my work with. I have always been open with my partner. He thinks it is a great advantage that I have so much freedom in this line of work, for example being able to work from home, and of course he is proud of the financial side, of my success. Even his parents, who initially questioned my work, now find it interesting.”