Intermediair 2017

Intermediair about tech companies who hire beautiful women at a high class escortservice

On December 20th, online career magazine Intermediair published an article on tech companies who hire beautiful women at a high class escortservice like Society Service, to assure a more fun Christmas party. Owner Marike was interviewed for the article. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.

Tech companies hire beautiful women for their Christmas parties

Supposedly, In Silicon Valley no party is complete without a few stunning models present.

The tech companies pay the beautiful women to appear at their company parties during the holiday season. Normally, there are just a hand full of women at such parties. At the beginning, such models where only hired for a specific role, such as hostess. Nowadays, the ladies are purely for 'fun and ambiance'. The demand for such ladies has never been this high, according to employees of several modeling agencies. The models are paid up to 200 dollars an evening and are requested to sign a nondisclosure agreement. They are given the names of befriended employees, which allows them to explain why they are present and so whomever they talk to do not find out they are hired to socialize. 

The modeling agencies do not want to disclose which companies exactly use these services. They did however say their clients include large companies, similar to Facebook and Google in terms of size. The record amount of requests is almost always for women, but some male models are also hired. Silicon Valley will most likely not be very happy about this news coming out. With all the recent media attention for female unfriendly working environments and allegations of sexual intimidations, for instance at taxi company Uber, this news is far from desirable. Having said that, in their defense it could also be said the goal is to equalize the male-female ratio, something we should only support these days, right?