Hart van Nederland 2020

Hart van Nederland of SBS6 about the success of our escortservice

On July 7 2020 our high class escort service was in the early edition of the Dutch television show Hart van Nederland program of SBS6. The item is about what it is like for escorts to return to work after the ban on sex work due to the corona crisis. An owner of a sex club from Rotterdam says that things are not going so well. Fortunately, our high class escort service is doing well, as owner Marike says.

Our high class escortservice on Dutch television

Since the item is in Dutch, we have created a short translation in English for your convenience.

Introduction: Sexwork is allowed again for a week now, but business is not yet booming. For example, in Rotterdam it is so quiet, a sex club is attempting to attract clients with free (Corona) beer.

Club owner Louis: Normally, we have around 25 to 30 clients in our club in Rotterdam, but now there are only 5 to 8 clients a day. To attract clients, we are offering our clients free beer this month.

Escortservice owner Marike: At our high class escortservice in Amsterdam it is more busy than normal. At the commencement of the corona crisis, lot's of bookings were already being cancelled because clients were no longer traveling to The Netherlands. But at the moment, I would say we are at the same level as before the corona crisis. I think that's because clients are afraid of a new lockdown if there is a second wave. Sex work was the last contact profession to be allowed again, so I can only imagine we'll be the first to be forbidden again. Luckily, our prime minister guaranteed us that 'all positions' are allowed again, there are no restrictions.