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Groninger Studentenkrant about university students working as an escort

In November 2014, Groninger Studentenkrant published an article on university students working as an high class escort. Marike, founder and owner of Society Services high class escortservice and Kate, high class escort at Society Service were interviewed for an article in Groninger Studentenkrant, the magazine of the Groningen University. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


Being a student is expensive and some extra cash always comes in handy. But what is it like to still have money left after paying your rent, going out clubbing and grocery shopping? A job as an high class escort might be the solution.

More and more often students choose to finance their studies by working as an high class escort, such as escort Kate of Society Service. However, there's still a taboo surrounding the subject. The escorts often don't share this with others, accept for a few close friends, afraid to be judged. Contrary to the average student job, these ladies do not dislike their job. Kate: "I choose a job that I enjoy and suits me." She doesn't dislike Romance. "Wine, candles, nice music, taking a bath, massaging each other, and yes with a good lover I'm having fun as well." The desire for sex is always their, in particular when the escort sees her client enjoying himself. But also outside their job as an escort the escorts enjoy sex. 

Sex is not the core of the experience at an high class escortservice. An escort has an exciting job. "You go to fancy hotels throughout the country and meet interesting people. You often go for dinner and drinks first." This requires more then erotic skills. The escort should be beautiful, smart, social, elegant, charming, sexy and charismatic. She needs to see her job as a fun hobby, it's important she's punctual and has high empathy. There are also clients just looking for a nice conversation, without a happy end. That's possible since the ladies are often highly educated. And yes, there are international bookings as well. A weekend in London, New York or a week in the Maldives is all very well possible.

How much escorts make per booking depends on her tax situation. She makes more money per booking then the average student does in a month. But money should not be the most important motivator, you should genuinely enjoy it. Ladies working as an escort are often students and stop escorting when they graduate. Being an escort can be easily combined with studies. "You decide your own hours and availability. One evening a week is more then enough to pay the bills. During my exam weeks I do not do bookings." says Kate. A normal student life, including being a member of a sorority is easily possible. 

Despite the high income, the escorts often don't list their job as an high class escort on their resume. However, they do not foresee any problems after their studies. "This job teaches you amazing social skills". A life of luxury and glamour is not possible as most escorts hide their job for their friends and family. Kate: "I go to class in jeans and on my bike but once a week I put on luxurious lingerie to meet an interesting businessman for an exciting evening." And exciting it certainly is. Not just the clients but also the escorts are excited during bookings. 

The working conditions are great. The escorts can always refuse a cliënt and practice safe sex only. Using drugs is strictly prohibited for both clients and escorts. But still there are many prejudices about this industry. Completely ridiculous according to the escorts, who see this as a dream job. Unfortunately for gentlemen they are not welcome as male escorts, but more then welcome as clients.