Grazia Magazine 2015

Grazia Magazine about working as an high class escort for disabled

On May 27th, Magazine Grazia published a hot story about the Interact Service of escortservice Society Service. The Interact Service is a special service for clients with a physical disability. The interview is with high class escort Sarah, who was in the news earlier as the escort of the terminally ill Bor. The article can also be found at Bloom Magazine. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.

Escortwork for disabled is very grateful

The sick Bor Verkroost (37) announced his plans for euthanasie late 2013. He then fell in love with Sarah (26). She is telling her story exclusively in Grazia.

“A few years ago I started working as an escort. It seemed like an exciting way to make more money. I wanted to switch careers, which required me to go back to university. I knew my free time would be limited and therefore searched for a fun job that paid well in little time. It seemed impossible, but working as an high class escort allows that. It appealed to me. The exciting, meeting interesting people and of course the eroticism. I looked forward to developing this side of me a bit more. I did a lot of research on the internet and applied to a few agencies, but had the best feeling at Society Service. Them being the largest escortservice of The Netherlands, sounded like they could provide a stable income and a high level of professionalism. I loved it. It's like going on a blind date, except that you already know how the date is going to end. I have always been capable of seeing something beautiful in each client and those that are a bit more nervous, I make them feel at ease. The escortservice asked me to join their Virgin Experience, a special service for men with little to no experience with sex and eroticism. These bookings went really well. Not much later I joined the Interact Service, which I was trained for. Eventually it doesn't matter if a client is has all arms and legs, or not a smooth skin like Bor. I liked how grateful the clients where and how special the experience was to them. That made me feel really great about it. It makes no difference if I am with a disabled client or not. In comparison to other ladies I had relatively a lot of clients of the Virgin Experience or Interact Service, which I genuinely enjoyed and was very good at. This is taken into consideration when a match is made between escort and client. The disabled clients only had a physical disability, clients with a mental disability are not accepted and I wouldn't wat to have such a client anyway. With a person in a wheelchair I can communicate like with any other person and build a connection. But that's not possible when a person has a mental disability. Then it would only be a sexual service and that's not what a high class escort does. She offers a certain experience, not just sex. Working as an escort with disabled clients did influence my idea of sex. I know that eroticism goes beyond stimulating the known erogenous zones. And for those not having had any sexual of physical contact, it can be of great importance to be touched. When you haven't felt an other body for such a long time it can be rather emotional just cuddling and feeling the warmth of a woman."

"When I read in interviews about Bor selling everything he owns to afford me, I think I did my job really well. Bor is a smart man and very capable of deciding how he wants to spend his money. I don't see anything wrong with spending it on something that makes you happy. Booking an high class escort is a business transaction during which a very personal experience is offered. The business part, that's what Society Service is for. It takes away part of the magic to remind the client of the business part. In fact, a good high class escort will make him forget this part and make him feel he's with the woman of his dreams. But when asked I will always be honest and explain how much I enjoy spending time together but it's never going to be anything more then that. I also explained this to Bor. I understand clients fall in love with an escort, disability or not. But a person with a disability usually has had less experience with relationships and might fall in love easier. I don't mind being part of his movie as all people involved are very discrete. It helps breaking the stigma on escort, that's important and special to me. I have retired from escorting because I could no longer combine it with my job. So I am no longer in contact with Bor, also not as just friends. I have chosen to work through an escortservice so I wouldn't need to take care of these types of things and knowing my agency, they are more then capable of finding a suitable alternative. After finishing my studies I could make the career switch but it's no longer possible to combine this with escorting, which I regret. If my situation ever changes I will make sure to contact Society Service again as I always had a lot of fun during my time as an escort."

Bor Verkroost (37) is working on a movie about loneliness, life, death and (paid) love, which he spoke about last week on television> Bor was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa, also called the butterfly disease. As a child he started developing tumors and skin cancer. Late 2013 Bor announced his plans for euthanasia on Facebook. Things did not go as planned: he fell in love and stayed alive. The love part didn't work out and therefore decided to look for a new love through Facebook. Despite countless supportive messages, he didn't find a new love. He then contacted escort agency Society Service, where he met Sarah: "I looked forward to my days with her. I bought her gift: lingerie, roses, a dress. After such a weekend I felt physically better. Sarah was my elf." To have Sarah with him for a weekend, he spent all his savings, family members and friends made donations and he sold everything he has. "I have had the most romantic moments of my life with a women who's real name I don't even know."

Rotterdam high class escort agency Society Service offers disabled clients the Interact Service. Ladies offering this service are provided with special training. Condition according to owner Marike van der Velden (author of Escort Bijbel): "They must be interested in this group and be capable of emphasizing with them. A professional escort sees something beautiful in every client. Intimacy is of the greatest importance to these clients."