Grazia Magazine 2013

Grazia Magazine about the Interact Service

In february 2013 Dutch magazine Grazia published an article on high class escortservice Society Service. The story was announced on the cover of the magazine. In this article, one of Society Service's high class escorts is being interviewed about her experiences at the Interact Service, a service specializing in clients with a physical disability or handicap. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.

"My first client with a disability was a nice, spontaneous young man in a wheelchair. He had no sensation from his nipples down and therefore was unable to have sex. At least no penetration. He found it very exciting to watch a woman dancing. I hooked my iPhone onto his stereo and gave him a show. We had a great evening together. In advance, he had requested me to bring my favorite sextoy; no problem at all of course. I pleasured him by lots of kissing, also his neck and ears. He wanted to pleasure me and asked me to lay on his bed, which was adjusted to the right height. From his wheelchair he was able to perform oral sex on me. Afterwards we took a shower together and cuddled a bit. It was a nice first experience with a person with a disability." 

Laura (23) has been working as an high class escort for a year now, next to her medical studies. "During my interview at escortservice Society Service I had already mentioned my desire to work with "special" clients. Men with a handicap or virgins for example. This way you can really mean something to an other person, more then just a fun evening."

"My studies have taught me a lot already, but Society Service organizes workshops as well, on a regular basis. There's attention for people with a disability; what's someone in a wheelchair able to do? How do you have sex with such a person? What's nice and what's not? Which techniques to use? How does a chair or lift work? These are all things you need to know, however, a client does not expect you to replace his catheter." In addition to these handy workshops, Laura is also taught things such as an erotic massage and burlesque dancing. "To be able to move well and feel comfortable with it is very nice to watch. Erotic Massages are very valuable for clients with a disability. They have different desires then "normal" clients. Penetration is often no longer possible, so clients want more and longer kissing, watching, massage and moving around. "Dryhumping" is often fun." Laura meets clients with different types of handicaps. "One of my regular clients is deaf, I've been with a client who was hooked up to respiration, a man without underarms and a person with severe scolioses. The person with scolioses could only walk with his crutches, but that's all. When I saw him for the second time, he had asked the agency if I could bring a naughty schoolgirl uniform. I had found such an outfit and he turned red by the sight of it. I asked him about his fantasy and he wanted to spank me. As long as it wasn't a harsh spanking, it was fine by me, so I lifted my skirt, waiting and encouraging him that I'd been a very bad girl. The problem  however, was that he couldn't move well enough to actually spank me. I took his hand and we did it together, he was so happy!"

Laura has many regular clients and often builds a genuine connection with them. "A booking is never just sex. There's always time to chat and get to know each other. When with clients with a disability, I sometimes cook a dinner, or it's prepared by a private chef. We go to the movies, theatre and parties. It's definitely not just sex. You're intimate with each other and share an experience. I always try to remember what clients tell me; their trust grows and they open up." Laura does not have any negative experiences. "I like my job, I am good at it, and make money from it." However, Laura does have boundaries. "Society Service does not accept clients with a mental handicap and requires a minimum age of 21 years old. I do however have some experience with men with some form of autism."

Laura has both clients with and without a disability. "I don't really have a preference. I like them all. I do get more satisfaction from clients with a handicap. They are always very grateful. Every now and then, with "normal" clients, there's a client who sees you as no more then a common prostitute and that's no fun. I've never had such an experience with a disabled client. Luckily I am treated very well in general. This job suits me well. There are so many prejudices about this line of work; people seem to find it incomprehensible that a non-addicted woman makes the conscious choice to do this. That's why I keep this a secret and share it with only my very best friends. I got the idea to do this from the series "Secret diary of a london callgirl". I used to watch it all the time and it triggered me, but other then that, I knew nothing about escorrting. That's why I started searching for information. I read books and attended a lecture. I now work for a pleasant agency and I can honestly say that I genuinely like my job."

Owner Marike about Society Service: "The idea for the Interact Service, came from our very own ladies. There wasn't so much demand for such a special service. We had a few regular clients with a disability and ladies often told me they found this a bit scary, didn't know what to do. This is why I started looking into courses and workshops, to train girls for this special service. Some courses, such as the erotic massage are repeated regularly. We also invite experts to tell us more, such as a person in a wheelchair, doctor, physiotherapist, etc. who teaches the girls how to handle which disability. Society Service is not the only company in The Netherlands offering this type of service, there are several foundations but these are cheaper escortservices. The difference with the Interact Service is that the Interact Service offers high class escortservices, but then for persons with a handicap or disability. This service is no different with our "normal" clients, accept for the extra education for the girls. Foundations who offer a purely sexual service, often work with ladies who are less attractive, educated and elegant. These ladies are often older ladies who see this as their calling. With Society Service, the ladies are in their twenties to thirties and very attractive. We offer packages where a private chef prepares a nice dinner. The amount of clients is very limited. There's no limit to the disability, we always manage to find a lady open to a certain request. Not all ladies are open to this special service, it's a special group. Rates for the Interact Service are a little bit lower then our regular rates."