Grazia Magazine 2012

Grazia Magazine about succesful young entrepreneurs

On June 5th, magazine Grazia published an article on 5 young and successful entrepreneurs. Founder and owner Marike was listed for successfully running high class escortservice Society Service.

A short translation of the article:

Who: Marike

Company: Society Service, Netherlands largest escortservice

Special: Tenfolded turnover in four years

"It was natural for me, after finishing a master in business administration and entrepreneurial law, to start working as a consultant at a large organization. But after an internship I was sure; this was not my cup of tea. I met someone who wanted to set up an escortservice and that's how I got in, six years ago. In the four years that I've ran Society Service alone, turnover has tenfolded. I don't care if I deal in vegetables or am a 'madam'. I care about how to condone business, how processes work within an organization.

It does not get more High Class then with Society Service and our escorts must fit that bill. That's a mistake that in my opinion many competitors make. They forget that at the end, an escortservice is just a company, with a mission and marketing plan. I believe that's why I'm so successful."