Glamour Magazine 2018

Glamour Magazine about challenges of an escortservice

On September 1st, Glamour Magazine published a report on "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Five women were interviewed for this report, all who concurred a challenge and came out stronger. One of these women is Marike, the founder and owner of high class escortservice Society Service. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a partial translation in English:

What doesn't kill you

Makes you stronger? These five women discovered the truthfulness of the above quote after they took the road less travelled. Marike (33):

"My company Society Service is a luxury escort agency. I started it together when I was 21, together with another woman whom I bought out later. I was at the end of my studies business administration, and I lost a lot of friends from my sorority when they found out what I did. Very sad. In my previous relationship, my work has also caused some problems. People where talking about me behind his back. Unbelievably many people assume that I am also available as an escort. Well. The ladies on my website are beautiful, I consider it a compliment that people think I could be one of them.

My family has accepted what I do. In the beginning they just wanted to protect me from making wrong decisions, and associated my industry with drugs and crime. The fact that in the first year I was not completely open about my work, was partly because of my parents - they pointed out the risk that I would find it harder to find a 'normal' job if I failed at running a high class escortservice. You do not want to know how much opposition I have had. I can not insure myself against disability, and telecom providers just threw me out when they discovered what the phones were being used for. One of the largest banks in The Netherlands refused me as a business client, and asked me to bank privately somewhere else as well. My first accountancy firm changed its integrity policy, and asked me to leave.

But I have the best job in the world. No day is the same, and as long as I have my phone, I can work from anywhere in the world. I enjoy the ladies' nice stories. I actually just organize a kind of mini-parties."