Girlz magazine 2019

Girlz magazine about working as a high class escort

On May 7 2019, Girlz magazine published an article about working as a high class escort. Despite the fact that the magazine focuses on younger women than usually work as a high class escort, they wrote an article about working as an high class escort because they received a lot of questions about this from readers. An escort from Society Service was interviewed for the article. You can view and read the article here.

Prinscilla is high class escort

Priscilla * (23) works as a high class escort at Society Service and goes on dates with men for money several times a month. We interviewed Priscilla because we got a lot of questions about this topic. ATTENTION: this work is absolutely NOT suitable for underage girls!

Priscilla, what does a high class escort exactly do?

"A high class escort offers an experience with a girl, both inside and outside the bedroom. With most bookings you will first do something fun and then stay the night. I first go out for dinner, to the theater, the sauna, museums or shopping with my client. It also feels more like I'm on a nice date with a new lover. And yes, that “date” always ends in bed."

What do you enjoy about your work?

"The variety, the excitement and the adventure. Every booking is different and I meet very interesting people. I also like to dress up and experiment in terms of sex. That is very well possible with this work."

What is the most exciting thing you ever experienced?

"I once flew with a client by helicopter to Monaco, that was really cool. We stayed in super luxury hotels, went out for dinner in the evening and during the day I went into town while he worked. But the booking that stayed with me the most is the one with a very inexperienced boy. He booked me for a weekend because he wanted to learn how to socialize with women. It was such a wonderful experience to share something so special with someone."

Have you ever had any bad experiences?

"Yes, but no extreme things. The worst thing I have experienced was a client refusing to pay. Then I just went home. It was an unpleasant situation, but no more than that."

If I may ask: how much money do you make on average per booking?

"That varies enormously, but if I have to estimate: somewhere between a few hundred and a few thousand net per booking."

Would you also do this work if it didn't earn that well?

"No. Precisely because it pays so well, I don't have to do many bookings to earn enough extra in addition to my studies. On average, I do about six bookings per month. This will allow me to graduate debt-free and with nice savings."

Does your environment know you do this type of work?

"In the beginning I only told my best friend, but after a while the lying started to feel really bad and I thought it was ridiculous that I had to lie about something that makes me happy. I then told everyone, including my parents. For some it was a shock, but it is my life and my choice. Others have to respect that."

Do you have a boy- or girlfriend?

"Yes, I have an open relationship with my boyfriend. He is fully aware of my work and supports me in this. He even thinks it's exciting!"

How is the safety of the girls guaranteed?

" It is not. Society Service is also clear about this: it is an illusion to think that a bodyguard is at the door. We learn to trust our intuition and we receive resilience training. We can always refuse or terminate a booking. Nothing is mandatory and boundaries are non-negotiable. Clients know this well and they respect it. Furthermore, there is a lot of screening before the booking. "

Would you recommend girls to do this work?

"I would never advise doing this work. If you're going to do this, you really have to be very sure of yourself. If you only do it for the money and you don't inform yourself properly, it can even damage you."