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Gett Magazine about working as an high class escort

In December 2013, Gett Magzine published their second edition, including an interview with high class escort "Amber" of Society Service. High class escort "Amber" talks about what it's like to work as an high class escort at Society Service. The title of the article is "Sex with a high IQ", which refers to the high intelligence of Society Service's high class escorts. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.


An alias, own apartment and several luxury trips abroad. Not the most common life of a fifth-year student. For "Amber" (23) however, very normal. Her profession? She's an high class escort.

High class escort is not the most common job now is it?

"I read an article about Marike of Society Service. I did some more research on high class escort and found a few escort agencies that I liked, of which Society Service in Rotterdam. The interview took place in the lounge of a luxurious hotel. This escort agency felt right, therefore the choice was easy.

Do you have regular clients?

"Some of my clients are regular clients. With them it's easier to build a genuine connection. They invite again not only because I'm beautiful and sexy, but because they also enjoy my company outside the bedroom. I join them for business trips and take me out for dinner on dinner dates.

That sounds great, does that happen often?

"Yes, international bookings happen on a regular basis. But some bookings are just a few hours and it's different every week. One week can be quiet and the next week I might have 2 or 3 bookings. Many of my bookings are "overnight", where I spent the night with the client. New clients often request just a few hours, because they are used to agencies where an high class escort is nothing more then a very beautiful lady who's a bit more like a girlfriend when it comes to sex then providing a service. At Society Service the escorts are beautiful, fun, sweet, smart and sexy. A few hours easily turn into an entire night, because clients did not expect to have such a great time. No problem for me. I'm currently working on my thesis and am very flexible with my time.

What type of men do you meet?

"My clients are between 21 and 70 years old and all very different. Some just want a few hours of sexy fun, others a romantic night."

No weird requests?

"No, not really. Most clients want to make love to me like they would with their ideal girlfriend. Passionate sex, long foreplay. Some clients want somewhat more naughty requests like licking my toes or being tied up but nothing really kinky."

Are there things that are off limits?

"Requests for unsafe sex, but it's not requested often luckily. I have never had a bad experience and would never refuse a client based on for example age, it makes no difference to me. They only thing that's sometimes a bit more difficult is when a client is not interested in any form of intimacy and romance, with the focus on sex only. I cannot offer a Girlfriend Experience if my client wants to have sex ten minutes after meeting."

What if you fall in love with a client?

"I don't see that happening. It's a business arrangement after all, where there is no room for such feelings. I do genuinely like my clients and can get lost in the moment, specially with repeat clients. You do really built up to something and it feels real, the eroticism and intimacy. But as soon as my phone rings and time is up, it's back to the real world. In a way, that makes things more fun and exciting."

Do you ever meet your clients in day to day life?

"No, and if I would I wouldn't even so much as blink and just keep on walking. That's part of the "no-strings-attached" aspect of this industry. And it's the most discrete thing to do. Try explaining to your wife why that young lady is waving at you."

Do others know about what kind of work  you do?

"A few. I've told some of my friends because I don't want to lie to them. It's not an issue, they like me for who I am an not what I do but it does make for some interesting conversations. But that's it. It's a conscious choice for me to work as an high class escort. I sometimes hear the prejudices others have on prostitution, how people look down on it. The idea that a woman can make the conscious and happy choice to work in this industry, in a hygienic and safe way with nice clients seems to be impossible to some others."