Flair Magazine 2014

Flair Magazine about succesful female entrepreneurs

On March 19th, 2014 the Dutch magazine Flair published an article on 3 Dutch female successful entrepreneurs. Founder and owner Marike was listed for successfully running high class escortservice Society Service. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.


Marike founded Society Service in 2006, Holland's largest escortservice. As 'madam' she works with 35 callgirls who are available from zeven hundred euro per appointment.

"A child will not easily play with a sandcastle that's already been built. It prefers to built one on its own. That's te same for an entrepreneur. During my studies Business Administration I soon found out I wasn't the type to work for a boss. I wanted to create something for myself, but what? At a party I met an other student with the idea to start an high class escortservice. Why not, I thought. It sounded exciting and didn't seem all that difficult. Entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship. It doesn't matter if you sell cookies or run an escortservice. That's still how I feel and is the strength of Society Service. Men like to believe I answer the phone in high heels and fishnet stockings but it's not that exciting. 

At the start, I ran the escort agency next to my studies. It was fun but after two years things got more serious and I decided to do a buy out and become the sole owner of Society Service. That's when it got very serious. At 26 I proudly owned my own office, since renting or mortgages are not an option when people learn what it is that you do. If you work in an extraordinary industry you get to deal with prejudices and difficulties that you have to be resistant to as an entrepreneur. Both mentally and financially. It might sound unfair but those extra difficulties stimulate me to remain sharp and creative. In addition I experience a lot of amazing fun things I would experience in an everyday industry. For example founding the Virgin Experience (deflowering service for men), I did a spectacular amount of interviews in a day. 

I currently work with about 35 escorts and that's the max for me. More escorts would make choosing the best escort too difficult for a cliënt. Being at the top isn't that entrepreneurial so I'm busy with some other companies as well. I work hard but no longer day and night like I did before. Luxury for me isn't buying expensive shoes but the opportunity to hire people to take work off my hands. My goal has always been for Society Service to be the largest escortservice of the Netherlands. Now that's achieved I would like to create a more nuanced image of prostitution. The industry is often associated with criminality and extremes but in my experience, women make the conscious and happy choice to work in this industry."