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Flair Magazine about booking a gigolo in Amsterdam

On August 29th, Flair Magazine published an article on Eline, an Amsterdam businesswoman, who regularly books a gigolo at our escortservice. She does this because this intelligent lady has no time nor desire in yet another disappointment resulting from internet dating. She is very candid when talking about her motivation and experiences with booking a gigolo in Amsterdam at our escortservice. The original article was published in Dutch, but a translation can be found here:

Dating? I'll have a gigolo

Swiping, chatting, dating and disappointments. Done as well? Then do as Eline. She treats herself every month on the unadulterated attention of a gigolo and that suits her very well. So well, she is done with dating for now.

If you are dating after the age of 30, or in any case after a long relationship, chances are that you have personally experienced that love is no longer easy to find. Because, how do you find it? Some flirting in the pub is no longer enough. Yes, maybe with a cheater, or with a stubborn bachelor who is in for a sultry night. Then how about Tinder? Speed dating? Various scientific studies show that highly educated women seek a partner who is also highly educated. However, highly educated men opt for a less educated partner more quickly, leaving a surplus of highly educated women. These women are successful, but single and are unable to find a man.

You should also feel like it. And especially have the time for it. You work all day long, or are you busy with your children (or worse: both) and then you also have to be catchy during your chats with potential lovers in the evenings. According to the University of Amsterdam it will take a full working week (38 hours) swiping and chat to meet one person in person via an app. How about that. And if you finally have been able to set up a date, which is quite difficult if you both co-parent, for example, or work irregularly, or are single parents, then you can only hope that the you like your date in real life as well. 

The Netherlands has almost three million singles, which is about 45 percent of the total number of households. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, of the 2.7 million bachelors in the Netherlands last year, at least one third used a dating site or app. Ideal for the first selection on length, education and whether or not children and motor or dog are present. Because, the older we become, the larger our wish list.

This is what Marike van der Velden from Society Service also noticed, and so she started an exclusive gigolo service for single educated women. 'More and more single career women are tired of putting any more time and energy into yet another upcoming date. They want to be served once or twice a month and enjoy sex and attention. Endless dating on the internet or with one of the many dating apps takes a lot of time and is not always effective. These women have a good job, a nice house and want quality in the bedroom. And I'll arrange that for them.'

Eline (surprisingly not her real name) is such a woman. She works as a financial manager at a bank on the Zuidas in Amsterdam, has a large network of friends, big car, house full of design and she looks good as well. And yet she has been single for about ten years. 'By now, you can say that I am disappointed in men. I searched the internet and dated a lot via Tinder, Happn and even Relatieplanet, but I never found what I am looking for. Again, it turned out the man only wanted to talk about himself, was a smoker, secretly still married or just didn't look like his picture. I'm done with it by now.'

She did not necessarily search for a relationship, Eline is very clear about that. 'I do not need a relationship to be happy. That was not always the approach with my dates. But especially when I am looking for just sex, I think it's important that someone is fit. I am as well and I know very well what I have to offer. A man must be well groomed, smart and respectful. I do not easily settle for less.' And so she now books a gigolo with Marike every two months. Because there she finds everything she is looking for.

During a booking, Eline passes on her wishes to Marike and she then comes up with a few proposals. Eline reads the profiles carefully, looks at the photos and then chooses a nice man for herself. Two weeks ahead, so that she can also enjoy the anticipation (and make room in her busy schedule). A date then lasts about five hours and consists of a dinner with a glass of wine, a good conversation and finally a wonderful massage and sizzling sex in a hotel. 'It's also nice that it's all about me for once.'

The fact that her date is ultimately only there because she paid him, does not bother her. 'I am confident enough to know that someone also has a great evening with me,' explains Eline. 'I will put on some nice lingerie and do my best for him, just like on a regular date. I conciously make the payment at the beginning of the booking, when we are still getting to know each other. In cash. That prevents a bad feeling afterwards, although I mainly see it as a business transaction. Then it's done and he is mine for a few hours.'

Marike now has a portfolio with ten gigolo's in all shapes and sizes. In total 865 men applied for the position. 'The offer was bizarrely high, but many applications were received that are unsuitable. With female applicants, about three percent is ultimately suitable as a high class escort. With male applicants this is less than one percent. Most are not attractive enough, only sexually driven, too self-centered during a conversation, or they do not understand well enough what women find important and pleasant.'

You can book a gigolo for at least two hours, Marike explains. The starting rate is 500 euros, for that you can go out for dinner and expect a massage. Eline gives herself a whole evening with a gigolo and charges almost 1200 euros for it. 'Why should I not give that to myself? I enjoy it immensely and always try new things. A threesome for example, or a different fantasy.' For her first date she was very nervous, but now Eline has already had four dates with two different men. 'If I like the gigolo, I would like to enjoy his company again. And maybe the next time I'll ask for another gigolo. There is still enough that I am curious about. Life is too short to not try it right?'