#FIRST Expensive Things

#FIRST Expensive Things about the most expensive and exclusive escortservice

On February 1st channel #FIRST by Ziggo published the show Expensive Things, in which presentor Qucee tries the most expensive and exclusive things in The Netherlands. In this episode, Qucee meets with owner Marike and high class escort Emma, who offer the most exclusive and expensive escortservice of The Netherlands. In the conversation with Marike, general questions are addressed, such as the rates, the difference between a regular escort and a high class escort, and the requirements a high class escort must meet. After Qucee has changed into a more appropriate outfit, he meets high class escort Emma. With her, he discusses her experiences as an escort and why she choose to work as a high class escort. Even though a candlelit bubblebath is available to Qucee and Emma, the merely share a dinner together. Watch the show here (in Dutch):