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Fiat Justitia about our escortservice

In June 2013 the Dutch magazine Fiat Justitia of the law faculty of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (JFR), published an article about high class escortservice Society Service. This publication of the magazine has been devoted to the subject "Taboo", which of course needed to include high class escortservice Society Service. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.

"Marike is her late twenties, graduated form the EUR in Business Administration and law AND owner of the most successful high class escortservice of The Netherlands; Society Service. Fiat Justitia asked her about her career and the taboo still surrounding prostitution.

How did you get the idea to start an escortservice?

I met an other lady at a party with the idea to start an escortservice. I was right in-between bachelor and master and didn't know what I wanted. I decided to do internships for a year and learned soon after what I didn't want; a 9 to 5  job with a boss. I then started thinking entrepreneurship might be my kind of thing. When the lady told me about her plans, I thought; Why not?

Were you ever in doubt?

No. Financially it's rather easy to start a company and there's no better time to go bankrupt then during your studies, when you don't drag somebody else along with it. 

Society Service is now the most successful high class escortservice in The Netherlands, what's your secret?

It is just a company. Running an escortservice is like selling tomatoes. It's still entrepreneurship and many things are the same. 

How do you find suitable high class escorts?

With interviews like this. After reading this article, ladies might think it's fun to work at Society Service and the next week I'll have 20 lawstudents in my portfolio. 

Do you work with Easter Europenean ladies?

No I don't. In general, the menatality of these ladies is very different from the mentality that my clients like. In addition, the image of a Dutch high class escort is much better than that of an Easter European lady. 

Do your escorts often start bookings with companionship, such as dinners?

Yes. Bookings often start with (business) dinners or other social events. But keep in mind eroticism is always part of a booking. An escort, also an high class escort, offers erotic companionship. It's like going on a date. When an escort and client meet each other some sort of affaire starts, with the only difference that both parties know how it will end. This affair can be a few hours of fun in the afternoon, or a full evening of wining and dining. 

Do escorts have a saying in who they wish to meet?

To a certain extend, yes. Certain escorts do not wish to meet clients of a certain age or nationality, which I can imagine. However, it's not a dating service. 

What's it like to apply to become an high class escort?

I expect potential escorts to read about the type of lady I am looking for, submit an application without typos, dress appropriate for the interview and be naturally elegant and a lady. I work with non disclosure agreements, at fist frowned upon by the rest of the industry and tax authorities, but now used by many as well, to protect both Society Service, the escorts and the clients. Discretion is important. 

Are there many prejudices?

Yes. There's a reason why I don't talk about my work. First because I don't want to be answering questions about it all evening, secondly because of the prejudices. The idea that a woman can make the conscious, thought through and happy choice to become an high class escort is impossible to understand for some. 

What special services are available?

The Virgin Experience is a special service for men who are 21 years or older and with very little to know experience (virgins) with sixuality. A large number of these men is 30 years and older, which creates a very special situation. The only experience they have is with porn. This creates a distorted image of what eroticism is really like. Seeing a lady naked for the first time at 35 is then a very big deal. There are men who send us letters, two years after, thanking us for the experience because now they had the confidence to start a relationship. Just because of one evening!

What do you require from your escorts?

I prefer ladies to be at least 21 years old, of Dutch nationality and with a fair complexion. You must be truly beautiful, but more girl next door type then the size 0 model type. There's a surprisingly large amount of requests for somewhat more curvy ladies, which is requested just as often as very slim ladies. Our high class escorts must be feminine, fluent in Dutch and English and punctual and reliable. 

How much money do the escorts make?

They make more in one evening then most students do in a month. 

What type of clients use the services of Society Service?

Mostly business men between 35 and 55 years old, different types, of which half of Dutch nationality. Some have previously had positive experiences with Society Service and invite an escort to visit them abroad, others book locally. The clients can be very rich, but also with normal incomes. 

Do you notice the financial crisis?

Crisis? What crisis? My turnover has fifteen folded in five years. It might have been more or less without crisis, but that I don't know. I personally think it does not matter. 

Does Society Service also work with male escorts or gigolo's?

We are currently busy setting up a service for male escorts or gigolo's, but it's not available just yet. We hope to be up and running by the end of the year. 

How do you see your career develop?

I don't know yet. It depends on politics. There's rumors on using the Swedish prostitution model, which would make my position as an mediator illegal. But the I guess I'll just change my company into an Erotic Massage Service. Problem solved. 

What do you like least and best about your job?

I like my freedom most, not having to work 9 to 5. As an entrepreneur I am very busy but get to decide on my own what time I get out of bed or when I want to just do nothing for a day. I like not being depending on others. The idea of something being obligated is one that I don't like. Less nice are all the prejudices and your group of friends changing as soon as you start making money. I've been working very hard for the past 5 years and only then started hiring people and work less myself, only doing the things I like best. Hiring people is expensive, but I get a lot of free time in return. 

Is using an escortservice still a taboo?

For sure! The other day I lectured at a business club of 150 men. When asking who had ever used an escortservice, nobody answered. Statistically that's impossible."