about Marike who runs an escortservice

On May 28th, published an article on their website about Marike, owner of high class escortservice Society Service. They did so in the section "in the spotlight", which features entrepreneurial ladies. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.

In the spotlight: Marike van der Velden of escort agency Society Service

She was only 21 years old, when Marike van der Velden was asked to set up an escort agency together with a fellow student. She was in doubt, since running a luxury escortservice was not an obvious choice. Turns out, Marike thought it was so much fun, she did a buy out of her partners two years later. "My work is much more boring than people often think. I am mainly behind my laptop.”

Marike is asked about her work on a daily basis. "People often wonder why I do this type of work, think I am loaded or all my clients are dirty old men. People have broken friendships over it and judge me. There is nothing illegal about my job, jet I am often denied at for example banks, insurance companies and accountants.”

According to Marike, it's up to people how they wish to feel about her work. "I work with approximately forty ladies who all enjoy their work as an escort. Most of them are students or have an other job as well. Half of them chooses to keep their work a secret and the average time they work as an escort is a year and a half. I take care of all the bookings, documents required for traveling, introduction interviews and photoshoots. I keep up the administration tasks and maintain the website." Society Service is doing very well. "I am very busy. At first, we where open until midnight, but now only until 10.00PM. Financially it was no longer necessary to stay open until midnight and my private life is also important. I always talk to the escorts when they finish their bookings. Even when that's in the middle of the night." Escort is a form of prostitution, according to Marike, since the expectation is that eroticism is part of the possibilities. "If a person is only interested in sex, they should search for an alternative agency. We offer an experience, an intimate, romantic time with a beautiful, nice lady. We will make the client feel like he is spending time with his dream woman."

About sixty percent of her clients is married. But what re these men looking for? "For some it's about spending time with a woman who would be out of their reach normally. For others it's feeling desired after twenty years of marriage. Some men do not desire a relationship but do want some intimate and romantic time with a woman. Or couples who want a threesome, a fantasy we see often." Marike thinks she'll continue her work for many more years to come. "No day is the same and when I want, I could do my work from anywhere in the world. I have the flexibility to work whenever I want. In addition to female escorts, I will also be offering male escorts and gigolos in the near future. Many couples do not only want to spend time with a woman, but also with an other man. In addition to that, there are many business women who are through with online dating and are looking to have an evening of fun without any strings attached." And how much does it cost to book an escort? "Rates start at seven hundred euros for two hours. Society Service is in the high end of escort, comparable with a Michelin star restaurant."