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Erasmus Magazine about love for sale

In december 2012 Erasmus Magazine of the Erasmus University Rotterdam published an item devoted to "love", including an article on "Love for Sale". In this article, the results of a scientific research are being compared to the experiences of one of Society Services high class escorts. This escort is currently studying at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.

"Making money while drinking champagne in luxurious hotels with rich men, who wouldn't want that? Erasmus University student Roos is fully enjoyingher double life as an high class escort. But are there downsides to being a courtesan?

More and more stories about students working as an escort reach todays media. Girls selling their virginity on the internet or making money as an escort. In France, 40.000 students are supposedly active in prostitution. That's almost 2% of all students. In Great Britain rumours go round more and more students are making money in the seksindustry. Research by Kingston University in London concludes this number was doubled between 2000 and 2006. More money is required for studies. 

Dutch numbers are not available, but the situation doesn't look much different. There are students making money in prostitution. "But there's less attention to it then in Great Britain and France" according to Wytske van der Wagen, PhD who did an survey on the motives and experiences of educated prostitutes in 2010.

Belgian Linsay Momery wrote a book on students in prositution in 2011 and is also not making any statements on exact numbers. "There's very little research available about this hidden form of prostitution because these students rarely get in contact with police. The women explain they are working in this industry by choice." High class escort is the most appealing option to students. Salaries are high, clients are screened and the escort agency provides guidance. "Educated women don't want to work at the red light district, it's concidered trashy.".

In The Netherlands, costs for studying are reasonable and do not require to work in this industry. But then why work as an escort? Financial motives seem to be important due to the high income of an high class escort. It allows for a more luxurious lifestyle. Erasmus University Student Roos (22) works for high class escortservice Society Service and doesn't completely agree with this. "Eventually everybody works to make oney. Of course I make more then enough money for a more luxurious lifestyle then other students. But that should not be the motivation. You should genuinely enjoy it." For her it's the diversity that makes it fun. The excitement is very appealing to Roos. A year and a half ago she first saw the website of Society Service and send an application. She was hired. 

Aside economic motives, elements of excitement and curiosity are of importance, according to Van der Wagen. "Educated women in this industry are attracted by the secret aspect of the profession. Anonymity is of great importance. All women think working in this industry is temporary and therefore do not want anybody else to find out." Roos is not worried about being discovered. She told one close friend. Chances of anybody finding out are small according to Roos. The escort agency she works for throughly screens its clients. "I tell my friends I work as a temp. There's such a big taboo around this profession. The last people will think of me is that I am working as an high class escort."

Students can afford to charge high rates when they work as an high class escort. That's not only because of the fetish for a young girl in a school uniform, according to Monerency. "Men looking specifically for students are looking for more then just sex, they also want good conversation. It's not only about sexual fulfillment, but also about a having a fun date." Roos emphasizes it's not all about sex. "It's really love for sale. I often go out for dinner or drinks with clients. It's like normal dating accept that you already know how the date will end." Her clients don't just come for a quicky, that's available at a much lower rate elsewhere. "It's more the total package. You get to know each other and create a certain connection. There are always subjects you can talk about." Such a romantic evening is not acting for Roos. That would be too tiring. "You can act when it's just for one booking per month. But with two bookings a week that's way to difficult. I went on a one week holiday with a client and then it's really impossible to just pretend and act. Men will see straight through that." Her clients are fun, interesting men, according to Roos. They are well-travelled, have experienced a lot and enjoy talking about this. "I like listening to their stories. Usually they are very open." Roos has never had a bad experience. "Everybody really makes an effort. I receive gifts, my clients arrange champagne with strawberries. They treat me like a princess." Often, clients become repeat clients. 

Roos' second life seems to be one of luxurious hotels, expensive champagne and rich men in tailored suits. She finds her job to be easy and genuinely enjoys it. Momerency and Van der Wagen often see students telling similar stories and they made the conscious choice to get into this industry. But it's not for everybody. Out of the one hundred young ladies that apply to Society Service monthly, only one or two are hired. Van der Wagen explains how "Not everybody can have sex freely. There's a big taboo on prostitution, girls like Roos need to lie constantly, which can create difficulties later on. The high rates also have a downside and can be very addictive. Girls get used to the high income and get used to a certain lifestyle, risking the girl being unable to stop this work."