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L Magazine by De Limburger about students and escort

On July 23rd of 2015, L Magazine of newspaper De Limburger published an article on students working as an escort. Owner Marike and a high class escort by Society Service where interviewed for it. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

Student and escort

In several countries it is already common: highly educated students who have a job as a high class escort. The Netherlands is following at a respectful distance, but again confident women earn a buck in as a companion. Among them were girls from Limburg province in The Netherlands.

“No, says Lisa (25), she is not ashamed about her luxurious job. And yes, she thinks more students do what she does: being active as a so-called 'high class escort'. Young, educated ladies who trade a more than generous compensation for going out with a client and eventually getting into bed together. Most ladies work for an agency, but Lisa (not her real name) is her own boss. Lisa is an attractive, elegant young lady, not the type you would link to the escort industry. She's originally from province Limburg, but is studying at a university in Amsterdam. That's all she wants to say about her background. She does want to share how she got into this business. "A girl I am in class with told me she is working for an agency. She was circling through the higher business regiments. She explained me about the business, and now I work as an independent. Meaning, I have a handful of regular clients who I join for dinner or theatre. They are educated and successful businessmen with a great job or own business who are looking for a conversationalist at their level. And do mind: I can learn from them as well. They are older, and yes, at the end of the date we have sex. But the most tiring part is keeping up the appearance of being 'the perfect girlfriend.' I charge 300 euros an hour and it's clear what I do and don't do. If this is lucrative" Let's say I make above average. That's great because due to the divorce of my parents, I have to pay for my intuition of euro 2000 for myself. At the beginning I had to get used to it. After meeting a married entrepreneur of 55 for the first time, he asked for my age. He said 'Funny, same age as my daughter.'


Marike van der Velden (32) isn't surprised by the words of Lisa. Van der Velden is founder and director of Society Service in Rotterdam, the most successful Dutch escort agency when it comes to mediating for 'high class escorts'. She started her company eleven years ago and believes Lisa has done a great job. "She's her own boss, obviously enjoys her job and makes a nice living. She could also stand behind a bar for a few euros' an hour but that doesn't make the same amount of money." Van der Velden knows what she's talking about. Society Service is working with around forty ladies in the category 'high class escort'. Young, educated young ladies with the right appearance and sizes, of whom half is still a student. Each month, Van der Velden receives over five hundred applications; if her company reaches a lot of press this can go up to a thousand. Only few ladies pass the recruitment rounds. "A lady who works for me must be beautiful", said the originating from Brabant Van der Velden, who has finished her university degree in Business Administration. "Preferably a size 34 to 40 and no tattoos, must be punctual, suitably dressed and be able to carry a conversation in English." Why the latter? "40 percent of our clients are Dutch, the rest are international clients, mostly business men. They enjoy taking the ladies for dinner and fly them in. I just spoke with a lady who is flying from Munchen and Kiev to Shanghai."


The website of Society Service clearly states clients are paying for an exclusive experience ('Girlfriend Experience') with a special ladies, because they can get "it" for a lot less elsewhere. Who books a lady at Society Service will pay at least euro 700 for two hours companionship. "A client spends on average euro 1150 per booking with us", explains Van der Velden. This and other facts can be found in the book Escort Bijbel, which appeared in 2014. In the mean while her company has grown to be a million dollar business. Does she also do business in Limburg" "Yes, we have some ladies from Limburg, and I know Limburg clients also book our ladies in Eindhoven or Amsterdam. Aside from that, applications from Limburg are not that common. Too much social control, I suspect. In Maastricht however there are lots of bookings, specially surrounding art fair Tefaf, when it's really busy."


One of the Limburg ladies working for Society Service is Sanne (not her real name). She is in her early twenties, originally from Maastricht and now studying in Leuven. After an affair with an older married man who spoil her, she was searching for an opportunity to continue her luxury lifestyle, but without 'the hassle'. "I meet a lot of clients who are really sweet to me and do their very best to make me happy. Sometimes it feels like the other way around, because at the end of the day, it's me who's at work. In terms of luxury there are special experiences. I've been on some very fun trips, from exciting world cities to a tropical island. But also within The Netherlands I have nothing to complain about. I usually stay in luxury hotel suites and have been to most of the Michelin star restaurants." About her clients: "The majority of my clients are businessmen between 35 and 55, from all sorts of nationalities. They are looking for an intelligent and beautiful young lady who they want to share a romantic night or evening with. Of course there are clients who just want to have a few hours of fun in the bedroom, but the majority thinks the wining & dining is very important and takes time to get to know me. They feel it's nice to resort in female company and since we both know how the evening is going to end, it's like going out with the lover you've been with forever, in stead of an uncomfortable date. It surprises me how much of a gentlemen my clients are. Ten times more than the average date. They spoil me, take me to wonderful destinations, tak my coat, open the door and compliment me." Only three people know about Sanne's job. She's not considering quitting any time soon. "The day I no longer look forward to a booking, is the day I'll quit. Because I no longer enjoy it, it has lost its challenge, I have fallen in love, it can be anything. At Society Service they are rather strict when it comes to being wise about money and being financially independent from working as a high class escort."


Owner Marike of Society Service is open about the risks of working as a high class escort. "What we can check about a client, we check. But I always tell the ladies to trust their gut feeling. If they feel a situation is not right, for example because there is more than one client, they are told to leave immediately. Luckily, there has never been an incident, other than a client being unable to pay or providing for example a fake creditcard." Effortless  Van der Velden provides some examples of problems escorts might deal with throughout the rest of their life. "If you are used to making a lot of money at a young age, you get used to it. It might be difficult to change to a regular job. Also, the girls are not truly intimate with the client, the sex might feel professional. If you have professional sex without an emotional connection often, this might provide difficulties later on when you have a regular partner. In addition I recommend telling some people about working as an escort. Having to lie all the time might result in problems. And remind: not every booking is a luxury party." There are barely any numbers available about Dutch students working as a high class escort, and research is scarce. But PhD student Wytske van der Wagen (33) of university Groningen is one of the scientists who does have something to say about it. As a student criminology at the university of Amsterdam she researched the motives and experiences of students working as a luxury escort in 2010. "The combination of money, excitement, attention and curiosity is of great importance to these ladies. They get to meet men you do not meet in the Red Light District, and do not dislike sex. In addition, when working for an agency, everything is taken care of for them, allowing them to separate business and private life." Even though most high class escorts provide a positive image of their job, they must be very confident. Van der Wagen: "Some clients will be dominant and want unsafe sex. In addition, the work might become a drag. Also, there's always the fear of others finding out. Most girls work in different parts of The Netherlands then where they are from and prefer to meet abroad. That's also due to the negative image of the industry. Despite 'high class escort' might suggest an exclusive job, for the outside world they remain just a prostitute." During her research Van der Wagen notices two things. "There are high class escorts who have relationship next to their job. Some partners know what their girlfriends are up to, others do not. And another thing is that most girls continue working as an high class escort after graduating. It is after all a very lucrative job."


❯ The Netherlands has approximately 30.000 prostitutes.
❯ According to reputable escort agencies, approximately 500 ladies are working as a 'high class escort', of who the majority are students.
❯ In addition to Society Service, the most well known high class escortservices are The Courtesan Club and Aphrodite Agency.
❯ An escort at Society Service makes on average 500 euro netto per booking, and with just a few bookings 50.000 gross a year.
❯ The average high class escort is educated, 25 years old, female and of Wester European origin.