Cosmopolitan Online 2017/3

Cosmopolitan Magazine about students working as a high class escort

In July 2017 the Dutch Cosmopolitan published an online article on working as a high class escort during your studies. This interview was condoned for the section Love & Sex. Daphne, a high class escort at Society Service and university student was interviewed. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.

Student Daphne (23) talks about her job as an escort

Daphne is twenty-three years old, studies psychology in Amsterdam and works as a high class escort at escortagency Society Service. Not your everyday job. So we gave her and Marike, the owner of the agency a call, to chat about this special profession. What made her choose this? What is it like to lead a double life? And: how do you deal with the prejudices attached to working as an escort?

How it all got started as an escort

Daphne got the idea to work as an escort about three years ago. After reading some articles and searching on Google, I found Society Service. I wrote an application letter and got a reply from Marike, asking me if I was still interested. I was, so we made an appointment to meet each other." Straight away, there was a connection between her and Marike. "It felt very professional from the start. I very much liked Marike being very open. You could ask her anything and she would explain it to you." In addition to that, there was no pressure at all; something people often think is the case with escorting. "Marike told me I needed to think about it carefully, and let her know if this was something I really wanted. So I took some time to think about it, so I could make a choice I was confident about."

Why she is working as an escort

It is often believed escorts only do it for the money. Not true, according to Daphne. "I am a very sexual person, neither did I have a boyfriend at the time. So for me, there was no reason not to do this. You get to visit amazing hotels, you learn a lot, go out for nice dinners. Oh, and you get to meet lots of interesting people. Men from different countries with funny habits, they share their favorite hotspots with me from their country. Might come in handy when I travel." But not knowing how you are about to meet and have sex with, isn't that scary? "I think it's rather exciting. It feels like having a secret double life, one of the things I enjoy the most about it." With the average booking, an escort makes around euro 500 after taxes. Daphne definitely does not spend it all. "I save a lot of money. Yes, I might take a taxi over walking in the rain, go out for dinner and buy some luxury lingerie. But I never spend big time. I don't want to either, it will make people wonder how I am making all that money."

About the environment of escort Daphne

Escortwork is not your typical job. The average student works day in day out at some restaurant. But Daphne puts on her stockings and works as an escort. And she prefers to keep this to herself. "Nobody, aside from one friend, knows I am working as an escort. It's a choice I made consciously. There are other girls who share this with the people around them, but I prefer to keep my sex life private. In addition, I like having something to myself. In the evening I put on a nice dress and lingerie and go to a beautiful hotel or restaurant. It's me time, something nobody else has to know."

How she prepares for a booking

Before going to her booking Daphne always receives some information about her client: his age, profession, nationality and the ins and outs of his character. This way she can enter the booking prepared. How she prepares herself? "I enjoy taking long baths or a shower. I make sure my nails are done, put on bodylotion and perfume, nice lingerie... I always make an effort, more than for the average date."

About the men she meets

Men who hire an escort: aren't they creepy, lonely or at least socially awkward? That's what I thought at least. Not at all, according to Daphne. "You often meet really nice guys. Look, sometimes you just do not connect with a person, but in no way or shape are they weirdos. Often, due to traveling, they have not had the chance to meet that special someone. But they do crave intimacy, so that's where we come in."

The prejudices about working as an escort

A few days ago an article appeared in de Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper), in which a Dutch lady called Renate told us to no longer romanticize prostitution. According to her, it is impossible for women to have sex for money with a man out of free wil. However, Daphne's experience is very different. "There are absolutely scenarios in which girls have sex against their wishes, but not at a high class escortservice. You can start and stop whenever you want, you are not bound by an annual contract. Ladies are extensively trained; from etiquette- and massage courses to how to respond when boundaries are about to be crossed. In addition to that we are taught about STD's and vulnerability, during which we learn how to say 'no'." Neither does Daphne see anything wrong with what she does. "At the end of the day, you are providing pleasure to an other person, and I am having fun as well. I am not hurting anybody. Men are often very grateful, so why would this be so terrible?"

Unpleasant experiences

Nothing is only rays of sunshine. "In the beginning, it was more difficult for me to set my boundaries, which created awkward moments. When time passed I got better at this and got a better understanding of what I enjoy and what not. This work made me more confident. I am confident expressing what I want."

Her favorite escort booking

The versatility is one of the things Daphne likes the most, but if she must choose, its the bisexual duo bookings she enjoys the most. "An other girl was booked with me and it really turned out to be one big party. We ordered roomservice in an expensive hotel, went shopping together and had amazing dinners. I love gourmet dining, so going to a fine restaurant is really something I enjoy."

Not all men are very sexy

And that's not problem, according to Daphne. "It is very important to have an open mind. An unattractive client, physically, always has something else that is very attractive. For example, someone who speaks passionately about his hobbies, or is very sweet. It is not about appearance, but more about personality."

About the skill set of a good escort

According to Daphne, an open mind is not the only characteristic required to have fun during her job. "It's important not to be arrogant, be a great listener and enjoy sex. If you're just doing it for the money, you will not last." According to Marike an amazing appearance is a must, but an escort does not need to be a size zero. "It's about a proportionate body in which she feels confident. In addition to that her level of education is important; she must be able to carry a decent conversation with a client." An application including numerous typos is therefore always declined. 

Fantasies for the future

When she would get into a serious relationship, Daphne would consider no longer working as an escort. Fore now, this is not the case, so she keeps on fantasizing about exciting bookings. "Bookings abroad are great fun. A tropical island, far away, for example." But it's difficult to plan, as her studies remain priority. "I have had such requests, but can never meet them because my studies do not allow me to go abroad for a few weeks. My education has always been my priority, and will always remain to be my priority."