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Cosmopolitan Magazine about working as an high class escort

In september 2013 the Dutch Cosmopolitan published an article on working as an high class escort at the section called Cosmo lust&love. In this article, several people are being interviewed, the owner of an other high class escortservice, two escorts and Marike, owner of Society Service. They talk about what it's like to work as an high class escort. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.


The advance of the high class escort. Dealing with a double life. There are 30.000 prostitutes in The Netherlands. Only few of them make it as an high class escort. A popular job; the number of applications has doubled in six months. 

She's the ultimate fantasy, the perfect girlfriend. An high class escort has it; beauty, brains, ambition and excellent social skills. She knows how to make her client feel comfortable, is representative, very well groomed and knows how it's done. Not only in the bedroom, but also during a fancy dinner. And she's exclusive. Escorts in the higher end of the industry also hold a normal job or are students. She knows her job is temporarily, during her studies or first years of her career, but never fulltime. She works only a few evenings per week or per month, as something extra. Because she's not depending on it, it's easier for her to guard her limits and boundaries, deciding what she does and does not want to do. If there's no connection with the client she can decide to cancel the booking, that's up to her eventually.

The average client is approximately 40 years old and half of the time married. These gentlemen usually speak lovingly of their wife, but are looking for one evening what they seem to be missing at home; a beautiful young woman who still laughs at his jokes, makes him feel like he's the best lover and where he can do his very best. The honeymoon-feeling, only with a different woman then the one waiting for him at home. "Fun dates give me a kick." Says Alexia (23). "Certainly when you're treated like a princess." Alexia started working as an high class escort about a year ago. No, she's not always attracted to her clients. "But in the right atmosphere they turn out to be attractive, mostly when they are sweet and a gentlemen, making an effort to please me as well and showing respect. I prefer to have dinner first, get to know each other before going to the bedroom." There are around 30.000 prostitutes in the Netherlands. Five percent of them is male, five percent transgender and the remaining is female. But only a handful, the creme de la creme, is an high class escort. About fifteen years ago, an upper class escortservice introduced The Girlfriend Experience in The Netherlands; the perfect date, including (french) kissing. Many escortservices claim to offer this service, but only four really do which are all ran by women. 

There's a growth in the amount of number of applicants to become an high class escort, mostly in the summer and beginning of the new schoolyear. Marike of Society Service also sees this growth. "Before I would receive around sixty applications per month, now over a hundred. Motivation has not changed; money for a luxurious way of living or studies and the adventure. But there's been a lot to read in the media about working as an escort. The threshold becomes lower and lower, it becomes more normal. Most ladies want to do this for a year or two, or until they get into a steady relationship." Interested ladies are asked to fill in an application form at Marike's website, with questions varying from cupsize to career. Only ten percent is invited for an interview. The dress code is different from a normal job interview. "I always request a lady to dress as if she's going for dinner. Many ladies arrive in short dresses, which is not done. Rule number 1; an escort always wears stockings. Always. And dresses must be long enough to cover the stockingboard. And, the succesfull businessman does not want to go for dinner with a lady wearing a short dress and with too much cleavage. They want the girlfriend experience. Be proud of their date. She can stand out as the most beautiful woman in the restaurant, not the most vulgar one." An high class escort is selling an illusion. "Their dream woman is suddenly within reach, even if it's temporarily. The escort is everything they client wants her to be at that moment. She does not talk about trouble in her private life, such as exam stress and for sure not about children. Being a mother does not fit into his fantasy. But you don't have to be a supermodel to be an high class escort."

On Society Service's website, the escorts are extensively presented, be it with unrecognizable pictures. Some enjoy dancing, others are good at massage or have special hobbies. "A third of my clients ask me to just send somebody", Marike continues. "They trust my experience and my ability to select a suitable lady. An other third is very specific in terms of a specific lady or specific preferences. And the rest of the clients is a little bit in between. They have their preferences, but understand the availability of the escorts is limited. I also work with some very exclusive escorts, such as a Dutch actress, fashion models and olympic athlete. But they are not on my website and rates start at 5.000 euro's up to 100.000 euro's. I prefer to match new ladies to clients who are known to me. They will take her being new into concideration. Exciting for them and relaxing for the lady. There are men who kick on meeting new girls, thinking they can get away with more then more experienced ladies, showing her no respect. That's very unpleasant. It's also in my interest the lady has a nice first experience, since I'll be hoping to work with her for a longer period." Marike offers several workshops such as erotic massage, make-up and styling, self-defense and more, even offering financial advise when required.

But that's not the same with all agencies. Some agencies ask new girls to pay for their own photo shoot, which then takes place in a public park. And some agencies even ask their ladies to provide drugs to clients. This is no surprise to Marike. "That's why I don't work with ladies depending on this. If they do, they are more likely to cross borders like this." Unfortunately the escort industry is not completely professional. Until recently there were very little steps taken regarding law enforcement, but many things are still unclear. For example, agencies list their permit number on their website, but there's no way to check if the permit was really provided.

On average, young ladies work as an high class escort for two years. Until they graduate, are in a serious relationship, or just because they don't like it anymore. Despite revolving in a world of big money and luxury, it's not all glamour, explains Marike. "My ladies do not visit low class locations or bad neighbourhouds. But it's not always a full night at a five star hotel. Sometimes an escort will spent a few hours of erotic fun in the afternoon with a man twice her age. And yes, she can have her preferences, such as bisexual or not, no Arabic clients, to heavy or old, etc. I will certainly take this into account but as an escort you can't be to critical. If you are, you're in the wrong industry."