Cosmopolitan Online 2018

Cosmopolitan Magazine about the day to day life of a high class escort

On April 13th Dutch Cosmopolitan published an article on their website describing what the day to day life of a high class escort is really like. Escort Linde is interviewed for this article. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.

This is what the day to day life of a high class escort is like

High class escort Linde tells you everything. Linde is in her late twenties, universiteit degree and also holds a "normal" day job, in addition to working as a high class escort for escort agency Society Service. She has been working as an escort for two years now and we ask her some things about her job as a high class escort.

How did you decide to become a high class escort?

"A girlfriend gave me Marike's book (Escort Bible) as a present and told me "this is really your cup of tea!". I read the book and could only agree with her. It sounded like great fun and excitement, but of course, I had some concerns as well. The general opinion on sexwork is not that positive so I wanted to carefully think about it. I searched for stories of other escorts and read the entire website of Society Service. One night, I decided to get dolled up and wet to a luxury hotel. Some men immediately approached me at the bar. I chatted with a few of them but I found it difficult to get them to pay for my company. I did notice I really wanted them to do so, even though they where regular guys. It seemed like a good enough reason to apply at Society Service, since they set up the bookings. The only thing I need to do is be there at the right location and right time."

Does everybody know about your work as an escort? What are the responses like?

"A couple of girlfriends know but I am not that open about it. That's due to the stigma related to this job. But in all honesty, it being a secret is part of the fun. In case anybody would find out, it's not a big deal. Eventually it's my choice and I am very confident about this choice. My girlfriends are usually jealous. They are rather openminded and have just as much sex as I do, they are just not getting paid for it. I have had a few international bookings, needless to say, those are the bookings I love talking about. But I also discuss bookings which weren't that great with my girlfriends, for example when I had no connection with the client. Discretion is of great importance, but it's nice to be able to talk about some things with my girlfriends. I get to experience many extraordinary things, from luxury restaurants to special sexual preferences, and this is something us girls like to chat about."

Do people often have prejudices? Which ones?

"Sometimes. Some people are very pragmatic about sexwork. It's a job, like any other, people get to decide for themselves what they want to do with their body and what not. Others see it as a form of empowerment. And others think it's dirty and bad. In my experience, prejudices - positive and negative - are often based on false information. People have no clue what it's really like, you only know this when you have some experience with this industry or have taken the time to read up on the subject. Not all bookings include a private jet, just like not all sexworkers are forced to do this job and are covered in deceases. The reality lies in between. In my case, the reality lies more towards the 'private jet' part than a regular escort but that's due to the fact that escort agency I work for is a high class escortservice."

What do you like most and least about working as a high class escort?

"Excitement, adventure and eroticism are the best parts. No booking is the same. I get to experience very special things, meet people from different cultures who sometimes have naughty preferences. That's great fun for me. The worst part is having to lie to others in my environment. I am therefore contemplating telling all my friends and family. How exciting it may be to have a secret, it feels terrible having to lie. I know they will fully support my decision. I am an adult, after all, so I make my own choices."

Do clients want weird things? What would you never do?

"Yes, clients have special requests, but I do not want to use examples of those private moments for the entertainment and amusement of others. What I would never do is unsafe sex, including unsafe oral sex. Other than that, I am open to trying different things but that depends on the person, situation and my mood. One booking I will enjoy more cuddly and romantic sex, other times I like it more rough."

What is an average working day / evening for you like?

"There is no average day or night and it is hard to tell where my work starts and ends. Maintaining my body, by going to the gym, is part of my work, for example. But let's say I am at home in my pyjama and a booking comes in. I will get ready by taking a shower or bath, wash my hair, shave my body and put a nice cream on my body. I put on my lingerie, dress and heels, put my make up on and jump into the taxi. The taxi will take me to the location of the booking and this is where the time starts that I am actually getting paid for. Most bookings are between 3 and 16 hours, but it can also be a longer booking. All bookings start outside the bedroom. My client will take me to a cocktailbar, wine bar, restaurant, theatre, you name it. This is where we get to know each other. Or in case I have seen the client before, we catch up. A booking should be "natural", just like a date, but one where you already know you'll end up in bed together. Getting more intimate together, is also something that should come natural. You start with a small touch, a kiss on the cheek, a caress over my hand, a flirty pinch, and will result into sex which can be romantic, rough, whatever I feel like. Sometimes I spend the night and we do this all over again in the morning, after a nice breakfast in bed."