ANS Magazine

ANS Magazine about students working as an escort

In June 2013, Magazine ANS (Algemeen Nijmeegs Studentenblad) of the Nijmegen University published an article on students working as an escort. The article describes different forms of escort, including working as high class escort at escortservice Society Service. Multiple companies are mentioned. Here are the most important parts about Society Service:

"Dani (22) is a medical student in Nijmegen. In addition to that she works as an escort for Society Service. She also is largely for her work. "I've been working for a year and a half at Society Service, with great pleasure, and would not want any other job for the world. Escort work is ideal to combine with my studies. I do about four to five bookings per month, which pays well enough to enable me to live well. I indeed sometimes receive gifts are a large tip. A colleague even received a car, me not yet unfortunately."

Also with Dani, nobody in her environment knows about her working as an escort. "My work is private. What rewarded t I do is adventurous, challenging and brings out the best in me. Unfortunately the downside is having to keep it a secret. There are so many prejudices about this work that I do not wish to be associated with. Therefore, I keep it a secret. Lying is then the only option."