And See Magazine 2017

And See Magazine about the Virgin Experience

On October 1st, magazine And See published an article about the Virgin Experience. They interviewed a high class escort of Society Service. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

Hello! One deflowering please

Still new to sex? Then you can loose your virginity with Samantha. You pay her 950 euro, she provides a date with a happy end.

Samantha (23): "I've been working as an escort for three years now. I have an above average libido and escorting sounded attractive to me. I like the excitement, the dinnerdates, the gifts I receive, the fact that I meet so many different people and obviously the sex. It always remains special how, in just a few hours time, I can create such a special moment with an other person, just like I am head over heels in love. I do not always connect with my client in the bedroom, but in general, my evenings are very sexy.

The Virgin Experience needs to suit your personality. I am patient and suit. This is necessary, since these clients are often very nervous for their first time. I take my time for them. I don't take them into the bedroom immediately. Usually, we enjoy a nice dinner together and take enough time to get to know each other. I always try to pick a topic the other is passionate about, from gardening to World of Warcraft, so the first nerves disappear. In the hotelroom, the nerves often return. It's nice to chat a little bit more. My client can ask me anything. Nothing is embarrassing and I will never make fun of him. Virgins often ask questions about stimulating a woman with their fingers or tongue, because they really don't know how to do this. Or which positions provide the most pleasure to a woman. Really, all men just want to know if they are doing well. 

After a bath and a massage we slowly start: I explain where the clitoris is located and point out other erogenous zones, make them touch and feel them and provide tips on what women enjoy. When it comes to kissing, the virgin men often have a lot to learn. I teach them not to twist their tongue like a mental washing machine. And not to be so insecure but look carefully at the woman during sex. After all, when women enjoy what you are doing, you will see and hear this. The purpose of the men is to loose their virginity. But there are usually many questions, which is why this service is perfect.

In our society, people think it's normal to loose your virginity before you turn twenty. If you are still a virgin by then, it can make you insecure, in particular if you are a man. As a woman you 'have saved yourself for the one', but a man is a loser. The men who use this service, are very normal. They are not ugly or anything like that. I often think: you can walk outside right now, approach ten women and score a phone number. Most clients are between 25 and 45 years old, but the occasional 60 year old is also possible. The oldest client was in his seventies. If he was going to die soon, at least it wouldn't be as a virgin. 

If sometimes happens the client does not reach an orgasm due to his nerves, but more often they orgasm too quickly. For example when they touch my breasts or receive a massage. For me it's no problem, after half an hour or so we just start over. And for them it's often no disaster either, because the entire experience of being with a woman, taking her out for dinner, kissing and so on is special enough. I do notice how many men have watched a lot of porn. They then believe they need to go on for hours with a gigantic penis. Or they want to have anal sex the first time. Makes sense, because most porn movies do not show any normal foreplay and an anus is used as if it's a hole in which you can stuff whatever you want. I tell them to stick to the basics the first time. If these are all down, they can move on to level two. But usually they are just very insecure and nervous. One client was so nervous, he couldn't stop shaking. I took him by the hand and proposed to cuddle a bit and spoon for a few minutes. Slowly, his stopped shaking. I felt him relaxing and the evening turned out to be great fun. 

That's the main difference with men who do have prior sexual experience. They are less nervous and do not need extra time to relax. At the end of the day, that's more fun for me because the focus is less on making someone feel comfortable and explaining things. This gets me in the mood faster. But the deflowering does provide more satisfaction: you provide someone their first sexual experience, which he will never forget. 

Virgins are more grateful clients, compared to normal escort bookings. They often send long emails, telling us how the experience affected them. For example, they have more confidence or are now in a relationship. Many men become repeat clients, for a normal escort booking. Because they want to learn more. The funny thing is, us escorts teach them our personal favorite things. This is how we can all tell when a men has met colleague escort Saskia, they know exactly how to locate the G-spot."