Algemeen Dagblad 2021

Algemeen Dagblad about our high class transgender escort

On November 30th, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad published an article on their website about Helena, the first transgender escort at our high class escort service. A day later, on December 1, it was also published in the paper version of the newspaper. Owner Marike tells about the arrival of Helena, Society Service's first transgender escort. You can view the original article published in Dutch below, as well as an English translation.

A first for high class escort agency: Helena (26) is the first trans person in the database of 60 escorts

Helena (26) is her name. The first trans person with whom clients of the Rotterdam high class escort agency Society Service can meet. A national first, says owner Marike van der Velden.

Do tell, who is Helena?
,,Helena was born a man, but she identifies herself as a woman. Although she has Dutch nationality, she has an exotic background. She comes across as introverted and artistic, but also has a very outgoing side. She really enriches our database of about 60 escort ladies and gentlemen.”

Is there a demand for that?
,,Yes. Especially because transgenderism is becoming more and more normal and many men are simply curious about a date with a trans person. Not so long ago people thought of a trans person as a man in a dress. When I announced the news, I got a lot of positive reactions. Some clients said: Marike, this is not for me, but it is good that you now also have a trans person on your roster.”

Corporate social responsibility, then?
,,I think so. Our industry is quite conservative. Just look at the sites of high class escort agencies. They are often blond, intelligent girls of about 25 years old who work there. Logical in itself, because there is a lot of demand for it. Of course there are already trans people in the sex industry, but they only focus on the erotic aspect. Clients turn to a high class escort agency because they are looking for more than just that. For example, someone to go to dinner with.”

Was it difficult finding Helena?
,,Absolutely. Of all the ladies and gentlemen who apply, no more than one percent makes it through the selection. So the bar is set very high. The pool of trans people is even smaller and that presented me with a dilemma: should I perhaps ease the selection criteria? In the end I didn't: I don't want to discriminate - neither negatively nor positively. She was hired on her personality and skills.”