AD 2014

Algemeen Dagblad over de Escort Bijbel

On November 24th, large Dutch news paper Algemeen Dagblad (AD) published an article about the Escort Bijbel. Marike, owner and founder of high class escortservice Society Service was interviewed for the article. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


At 21 she founded an escortservice, by now she has 40 ladies working for her. Marike tells about her book Escort Bijbel which is available from today and about her business.

"People enjoy listening to my stories but do not accept it," says Marike, who wrote the Escort Bijbel together with journalist Romke Spierdijk. "Escorts are supposed to be damaged and abused, but that's not at all true. It's exciting and adventurous and in this book we share the beauty of this profession, hoping the topic will be more accepted."

Marike describes how she started her escortservice as a university student business administration, and how the business works. "At this moment our Virgin Experience is a big hit." What service? "A special date for men with little to no sexual experience. We started it because the ladies got confronted with very nervous clients who where still virgins." It's a speed course in eroticism where the man gets to know the escort, her body and eventually has sex. "Clients who choose this service are usually between 25 and 35. Such a date is a great boost to their confidence. Last year I received a christmas card from one of the clients thanking me for finally finding a girlfriend."

The high class escort industry isn't always what it seems. Women who are attracted to prostitution aren't one specific time: "From posh girls to glamour girls, even famous girls. But all are able to separate sex from love. The jog is exciting and pays well, an escort makes at least 100 euro's per hour after taxes, but often much more." What then explains rates starting at 700 euro's for 2 hours? "How about taxes? And of course I want to make a little money on it as well. And keep in mind the rate includes travel expenses." On average a cliënt spends 1370 euro per booking. Some gentlemen do this every week, others need to save for it for years. 

Marike founded her escortservice at 21, 9 years later Society Service has around 40 ladies. In her book she describes how to start such a business and she analyses her clientele. "40 Percent is Dutch". Some are famous but Marike doesn't want to share more out of discretion reasons. Marike runs a fully legal business and complies with all rules and regulations. But still there are problems such as with banks. 

Her clients have high demands. "Looks are very important, an escort must be beautiful and ideally wears size M. Women are beautiful in all sizes but most clients request a normal to slim lady. The ladies must be reliable, fun, elegant and intelligent. Most are students. The application process is similar to companies in other industries. The potential employee needs to send in her application, free of typos. She needs to be on time for the interview, as punctuality is very important for escorts. "If it's a positive interview, the lady had one week to think about it. If yes then preparations are made for a second interview where she's explained how to work as an escort." 

The escort needs to think about her boundaries beforehand. Marike asks her escorts about their (sexual) preferences and matches them to clients with the same desires. "A match and connection are important. It's not just sex but getting to know each other. Going out for dinner, building up to intimacy." Strange requests are rare, most clients like "normal sex". As long as the escort is up for it, the possibilities are wide, including erotic massage, bondage and so on. Their escort bag is an important tool and therefore deserves attention in the Escort Bijbel. It does not only include condoms "the ladies practice safe sex only" but also lubricant, bath oil, candles, massage oil, make-up and a hairbrush "so she walks out of the hotel the same way as she walked in". 

The tough sides of this job are also discussed in the book, such as openness about her work, which is difficult for most ladies. "They do not want others to find out to avoid consequences for their future career. This can be difficult, specially if your friends joke around about prostitution. Others do not mind lying about it and see this secrecy as part of the fun, their work is their exciting secret."