Algemeen Dagblad 2015

Algemeen Dagblad about escort Sarah for disabled Bor

On May 15th Dutch daily newspaper Algemeen Dagblad published an article about the terminally sick Bor who uses the services of high class escortservice Society Service in the last fase of his life. The original article is in Dutch but here you can find a translation in English.

Sarah was my elf, she understood me

The terminally sick Bor Verkroost (37) sold everything he has to have an escort by his side in the last fase of his life. He is now working on a move about loneliness  life, death and love (for sale). "Sarah understood it. I was living in a bought bubble but everything inside it was real."

Bor Verkroost calls her his 'elf'. To afford his escort for a weekend every now and then, he emptied his savings account, sold everything he has, accepted donations from family and friends. He doesn't care, he is going to die. "I have shared the most romantic moments of my life with a woman who's real name I don't even know." Bor Verkroost is in the last weeks - perhaps months- of his life. He was born with the extremely painful condition Epidermolysis Bullosa. His skin gets damaged by the slightest touch. As a child he also got diagnosed with skin cancer and at the moments the tumors are taking their way through his body. Operation number 64 just finished.

Late 2013, Verkroost choose to publish his euthanasia declaration on Facebook. One more year and then I stop breathing, he announced. But he fell in love and stayed. The woman in question was already taken. Therefore his friends launched the campaign Bor Seeks Wife. There must be an other lady who could give Bor the same amount of energy in the last fase of his life? Newspapers and television shows asked ladies to respond but there where zero responses. Verkroost tells us all about it from his Amsterdam apartment. His health wasn't getting any better s he contacted an high class escortservice. This is how he met Sarah. Dark hair, slim body, a head filled with brains. At that moment, she couldn't have known how important she would become for Verkroost, even getting a part in the movie he is now producing with the help of crowd funding. The escort didn't know about his handicap but "from the first day she's been very sweet with my body. Touching". 

And yes, Verkroost can still do it. Friction damages his skin, pressure doesn't. Sarah understood it. Like she understood many things. "We connected on all levels.". The Amsterdam gentlemen cheered up from his evenings with her and wanted more. "The first few times with a new person scares me. The majority of the time I end up chatting. I have a lot of insecurities when it comes to my body." Earlier this year he invited Sarah to join him for a short holiday of 76 hours. It was amazing, not just the sex. "I enjoyed it. The girlfriend experience. I know you are living inside a butte that you've bought, with a person you don't really know. But still, everything inside the bubble - what happens, what you say to each other, the emotions - are real." He looked at her when she put on her night creme, getting in to her green nightdress and sleeping next to him. Making coffee, burned the croissants, felt an arm around him. It where the common things that made him intensely happy. In addition to the escort, his nurse also joined them on the trip. When going somewhere, the went together with the three of them. "It's nice to have the person you are with walk next to you in stead of behind the wheelchair."

The last few years, Verkroost has been feeling lonely. Not because he doesn't have any friends, as he has many. But they all have families and a future. He doesn't. He lived with a girlfriend for thee years, his only real relationship. "My ex always used to say: Your skin is like a canvas." Unfortunately most women see it differently. They call me a gool guy, wishing all men where like me. "Yes, well that doesn't help me a lot. To be like anybody." A few times he called a regular escortservice that is just for disabled. "You can specify a preference, but you don't know how's coming. That can be completely... I mean COMPLETELY!... different." Verkroost laughs and shakes his head. "When I eventually felt like I had been in bed with my mother, I thought: never mind."

But now his elfs are provided by Society Service, an escortservice with beautiful and smart women. Problem isn't only that Verkroost is now broke, but also because he is heartbroken. His beautiful Sarah is no longer working as an escort. "I was so much looking forward to my days with her. Bought her presents: lingerie, roses, a dress. After such a weekend I felt physically better." Hadn't she been such a wonderful woman, the memories wouldn't have been so difficult now. She was worth it. For now, only my cat is sleeping in his bed. The little energy he has left is put in his movie, 'my legacy', that he would like to see for himself. Like speaking openly about the taboo of euthanasia before, sex with handicapped is now the topic. "For me too, sex is a basic need. If you never have the opportunity to pick up a person in a bar, then it's very nice to still be able to experience intimacy and affection. Paid, but very valuable."

You can find the trailer for the movie of Bor Verkroost here. He is producing it together with filmmaker Floris Leeuwenberg through crowdfunding.

The Rotterdam escort service Society Service offers disabled clients a "Interact Service". Escorts who provide this service are trained. Condition according to owner Marike van der Velden (author of Escort Bijbel): they must have an interest in this group of clients and be able to put themselves in their position. During the training the escorts don't only learn not to be scared from equipment and nurses in the home of the cliënt. "We work with a lady who knows sign language and know about many ways to pleasure a person who is paralyzed." A professional escort can see something beautiful in every client according to Van der Velden. "In particular for these clients, intimacy is very important."