Algemeen Dagblad 2017

Algemeen Dagblad about students working as a high class escort

On August 26th 2017, newspaper Algemeen Dagblad published an article about students working as a high class escort. An escort of Society Service was interviewed for the article. The original publication was made in Dutch but a short translation can be found below.

'As long as I enjoy it, I will keep working as an escort'

To be able to pay for their studies and housing, many students are looking for a side job. The Utrecht economics student Nikki * (23) was in the same situation two years ago, however, she didn’t apply for a catering or retailer job, but instead she applied at escort service Society Service.

"A childhood friend and I once read a story about this work and since then, the idea was always in our thoughts. We were both very interested in sexuality and were very open to each other. Then we did some research and the more you read, the more a world opens up to you; It’s legal in the Netherlands and you can make the decision by yourself. We decided to try it, so we start looking at several escortservices. Eventually we came to Society Service, due to its reliability."

How do you apply for a job as an escort?

"We sent a letter of application, which focuses on why you want to do this, whether you are educated, if you are Dutch and what your interests are. In my case I wrote who I am and that the work just seemed to be fun. I was only 21 when I started. I met for a first introduction conversation and during the second interview I was asked if I really wanted to do this. Then I went on a course. I learned to massage erotically, learned about etiquette rules, got a resilience training and sexual education.”

How was your first booking?

"We went for dinner together and then back to his hotel. He had bought me a present and we shared a relaxing bath. The client was aware it was my first time, so he took things very slow. Only at the end of the date we ended up in the bedroom. It was very exciting, but the fact that we had spend a few hours together made difference. I had gotten to know the client. He didn't feel like a complete stranger. That's what I still enjoy during my bookings.

I try to keep the day completely free. I then take a long baht, rub myself with cream and do my hair. I put on some nice lingerie, a dress with heals and go to the booking, for example a hotel. I don't have much details about the man I am about to meet. By the time I knock on his hotel door, it's very exciting because I don't know who will open the door. But as soon as we start talking, the excitement changes to relaxation. I always start with a drink, often followed by an elaborate dinner and from then it seems like you know each other. I massage my client, we take a bath or do a roleplay - whatever the client desires. Most of the booking is spent with just companionship; laughter, talking. Eventually, there will be sex, but it's just a small part of the booking. Sometimes, I spend the night, but I try to avoid going from a hotel to university. In the event it does happen, I always bring an extra set of clothing. Nobody will notice this. I will just go to university with a bigger bag. 

With some clients, I will have a stronger connection than others. But eventually there is something nice to discover in each and every person. Appearance does not matter to met that much. As long as someone is passionate about certain interests, he will be appealing to me. Eventually, they are really 'regular' guys. We always take a shower and bath together, brush our teeth, and make sure we are hygienic. So it really can't be that dirty. This is probably why I've never met a client I wouldn't want to see again.

Does anybody who’s close to you knows about it?

"Only that one girlfriend of mine knows, no one else. I consciously made this choice, because I believe my sex life is private and I really like having a double life; I'm in the school benches in the morning and I'm wearing beautiful lingerie and a stylish dress in the evening and nobody knows about it. In addition, there’s still a stigma attached to the work and I’m also very aware of that. I think the reaction of people would be very mixed, but to my family it's sensitive. I'm not going to test their reaction.”

How do you make sure nobody finds out?

"During a booking, you won't visit a bar or a pub; you visit luxurious hotels, restaurants and clubs. I do not meet acquaintances there. In the beginning, it scared me a bit to be in public with a client, but luckily I never saw a person I know during a booking. To the people close to me, I told them I was working at an event company, sending me all over The Netherlands. I think chances are small anybody will track me during my work. If my booking takes me abroad, chances are even smaller. There is no superstition. Neither do I have a booking every weekend, so I am free to go out with my friends as I please. As long as I don't throw around money, there will not be a single person who is bothered. I go to a bar with my friends like any other student would. The only difference is, I don't do one night stands, as I am having enough sex as it is.

How do you combine this work with your studies?

"It's deviante not a fulltime job, so I can adjust my availability as desired, for example when I have exams. This makes this work easy to combine. Let's say, I want to go to class straight from a booking, I'll make sure I've had at least 6 hours of sleep. But that doesn't happen very often. In addition, I know plenty of students who go out partying, and then straight to class. At the end of the day, my booking is like going out for a night, I've had a great time as well!

To what extend do you feel different from other students?

"I am no different from others, I just have a big more money; I do not have any college depths and pay for everything myself. I do feel privileged. When my laptop breaks down, I can easily purchase a new one. I work hard, just like anybody else. I do not perceive life any different from my friends and when I have dinner with them, I enjoy the 15 euro per 3 course dinner as well.  But when I am alone, I often make different choices. You will not find me at McDonald's, I am used to good food. And when the weather is terrible, It's easier for me to take a taxi. I dress well, I enjoy clothing and lingerie of a certain quality, specially for special occasions. I have my own apartment and have enough money to buy biological food, which is very important to me. It's not like I spend a lot of money, but it's nice to have the freedom to do so."

How much money do you make?

"That can be very different. The average escort makes around 500 euros per booking. I can't tell you how much I will make, since one week I will work and the other I will not. But if you are just doing it for the money, you won't make it. This work will be very tough on you, you need to be able to enjoy it. It's just like any other job, some days are better than others and don't make it to hard on yourself. If a job is no fun, just find an other, don't just do it for the money."

How do you see your future?

"I have not given myself an ultimatum, but I have no intention in uiting my current lifestyle. When I get into a serious relationship or job, I will consider stopping. But as long as this is fun, I will keep dong this. There is no period of notice anyway. But first things first, which are getting my diploma.”