AD Magazine 2019

Algemeen Dagblad about working as a high class escort and a relationship

On November 2nd, Algemeen Dagblad published an article in the AD magazine, a weekend supplement of the newspaper. For the regular section "BV de Liefde", in which different couples are interviewed about their relationship and sex life, a high class escort from Society Service is interviewed. She explains how she combines working as a high class escort with her relationship. The original article was published in Dutch, and can be found on the AD website, but you can also view it as well as an English translation below.

BV de liefde: Work as a high class escort

Kim (30) and Duncan (40) have no sexual jealousy. Her working as a high class escort only turns him on.

,,Quite soon after we had something together, I told Duncan that I am bisexual. Fortunately he turned out to have a spicy edge. He didn't mind if I had sex with other women, but I wanted him to be present. We both thought that was fantastic, just like having sex with other couples. We do that regularly. Jealousy does not play a part, we think it is sexy to see each other busy with someone else.

We had been together for about five years when I became interested in the escort business. It intrigued me: the excitement, the double life and of course the money. I am a luxury girl, I like to spend enough so that I can do what I feel like. And because I see sex and love separately, working as an escort seemed like an easy way to make money. Duncan was not shocked at all. On the contrary, he really thought it was something for me. The idea even excited him. The fact that I registered with escort agency Society Service was a joint decision. He even drove me to the intake interview.

For my first date through the escort agency I vomited three times from the excitement. Duncan encouraged me: "Take it easy, it will be fine". That was true. Fortunately it was a duo booking with another escort, because I couldn't speak for the first ten minutes. My colleague caught that and then it went fine. So well that I was allowed to go again the next day. What a wonderful job, I immediately thought.

I found it surprising to notice how much time there is spend on such a booking. These men really make an effort for you, they want to get to know you, talk to you, build a connection. It's not just about sex, that's just a small part of the deal. As a result, I never leave feeling cheap. This work feeds my desire for adventure, for new experiences. I've been doing it for five years now, and still with pleasure.

I do not discuss my dates in detail with Duncan. It must remain a bit businesslike, in my opinion, and he respects that. But in bed it benefits us. Precisely because I work as an escort, we pay even more attention to our sex lives than we already did. Things I do during a booking - running a hot bath, giving massages - I now also do in my own relationship. Duncan loves the pencil skirt, stockings and high heels that I wear to an appointment. When we go out to dinner together I wear something similar, but then without panties on.

I will never fall in love with a client. I already have a big love and that is Duncan. It sometimes happens that a man falls in love with me; he then asks for my number or gives me expensive perfumes. Duncan sees such a bottle in the bathroom, of course, but he finds that funny. He knows, just like me, that we are a perfect match, a sexy version of Bonnie and Clyde. The fact that I am not always available to him, because I am in a luxury hotel, for example, makes our relationship even better. He allows me to explore my adventurous side and reaps the benefits of it. As a couple we look neat and tidy, well groomed and nicely dressed, but secretly we are naughty partners in crime.''