Algemeen Dagblad 2017/2

Algemeen Dagblad over liefde op de werkvloer

On November 18th 2017, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad published ar article about love at work. For the article, two ladies where interviewed (not escort related) about how they found love at work. Owner Marike of Society Service was also interviewed because sometimes love is found between an escort and client as well. The original publication was made in Dutch but a partial translation can be found below.

Love plus work = (often) trouble

A relationship at work means butterflies in your tummy and lots of energy. But sometimes also: loosing your job.

But love can not be forced. Where people meet, love is in the air. Marike van der Velden knows this better than anybody. She has been the owner of escort agency Society Service for twelve year. And even though escorts learn to separate love and sex, sometimes there's a love connection between the escort and client. ,,There have been several marriages resulting from clients and escorts falling in love. I keep track of them, because it's special to me as well. At the moment, there have been at least ten marriages.''

Van der Velden often sees the same pattern. ,,I notice the client booking a certain escort over and over again. After a while, the escort will inform me she's rather busy and is only interested in seeing that one particular client. And eventually they announce they are in love with each other and sometimes want to get married.'' Van der Velden does not know how succesful such a marriage will be. But she does know it's not good for business. ,,I instantly loose an escort and a repeat client. But of course I wish them only the best and hope they share a happy life together, so it's mostly positive.''

Wether the relationships are built on equality remains a question. After all, previously, the client was paying for the time of the escort, which leaves much to be desired. ,,Oh well, we all have a past, but I can make a guess what they'll yell at each other during a fight. When an escort steps into a relationship, our cooperation is terminated and we have an exit-conversation.'' And No, Van der Velden doesn't demand an invitation to the wedding. ,,I once mentioned it would be more than enough if they named their first child after me.'' She said laughing.