Loyalty Program

Welcome to the world’s most sexy Loyalty Program…

You can save points for a reduced rate for your booking with us . Here is how it works. The Loyalty Program is linked to your Member Account, which is available to repeat clients who place at least one booking per year. Your points are valid for up to 2 years and are listed in the menu when you are logged into your Member Account. 

Spend Loyalty Points

You can spend your Loyalty Points only on your bookings with Society Service. Your amount of points is listed in the menu after you are logged in. Every point can reduce the rate of your booking with €1, with a maximum of 25% of the booking rate. At least 50 points are required to reduce the rate of a booking. You can spend your points with bookings in the Netherlands for which the standard rates apply. You can not use points on extra discounted bookings, such as dinner dates, overnights and bookings with introduction or duo discounts, or to cover for additional (travel) expenses.

Earn Loyalty Points

Bookings: If you hold a Member Account with Society Service, you automatically save Loyalty Points with your bookings. Without such an account you can not save Loyalty Points on bookings. You save 2% of your booking rate in points, rounded off per 5 points. The higher your Client Level is, the more points you save. Loyalty Points are updated every 2 weeks. No points are earned on international bookings and extra discounted bookings, such as dinner dates, overnights and bookings with introduction or duo discounts, or bookings where points are used to reduce the rate.

Referrals: If you refer a new client to Society Service, you both save 200 Loyalty Points after his/her first booking with Society Service. Please make sure to inform us of the referral.

Prepayments: Many of our repeat clients choose to prepay a larger amount via banktransfer so no financial aspects need to be arranged and discussed during bookings. When prepayments of €10.000 or more are made to pay for future bookings, a 5% bonus is added in Loyalty Points. The prepayment can be spent solely on the booking rate of (not discounted) standard bookings with a duration up to 24 hours, not on longer bookings or additional services and expenses such as travel expenses.

Bartering at our escortservice

We are open to bartering proposals, which which you can compensate the full booking rate. As a company, we have lots of tasks and who better to fulfill them than caring clients. Do you think you (or your company) can be of assistance, we look forward to receiving your proposal. Examples are providing a photoshoot location, spa/wellness/beauty services for our escorts, mediation for/providing of new payment options and much more. Excluded bartering proposals are those including cyber security, webhosting, photography, accounting, app and website development. Your proposal may also be beneficial for the (maintenance and improvement of the) real-estate we own and manage within our holding. So let’s make the most of our talents and combine them for a mutually beneficial deal.

Even though we always reward smaller suggestions that we end up using as well with loyalty points, these points can only be used to reduce the booking rate with a maximum of 25%. Examples of such smaller suggestions are to inform us of misspellings and broken links on our website, suggestions which improve the design or technology of our website and suggestions to improve our service in general.

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